TOOTHY SPITProcure green food for Pets often have to neblina forest meadow, the far meadow. But to mow the grass is half the battle, it is still necessary to shovel.
Not to take a pretty heavy rake, I decided to combine the inventory, equip the scythe detachable toothed comb. Material for it and four plates-brackets served as duralumin sheet thickness of 2 mm. Connected them with M6 bolts. And below the two upper bolt is blunted scythe blades, put on their rods, rubber washers and PVC pipe. Wing nuts compressing plates of the comb on the spit, a little buckled teeth down.
Fig. 1. Scythe-rake.
Fig. 1. Scythe-rake.
To manufacture consoles took only 40 minutes, but enjoyed it all summer and was very pleased. Weigh removable rake a bit and put on the spit for 15 seconds.
Fig. 2. The removable rake
Fig. 2. The removable rake:
1 — comb. 2 — plate-bracket, 3 — bolt MB. 4 — rubber washer 5 — PVC pipe. 6 — wing nut.


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