THE MARKING OF THE TREES?To put digital markers on trees — work is necessary, but time consuming. We managed to make a simple device that allows you to quickly and accurately “print” a mark on the barrel. Organic glass glued octagonal drum and planted it on the axle fixed to the holder with handle. Then, on the surface of the faces struck the contours of the digits in a mirror image, and drilled holes Ø 1 mm, uniformly fills the outline of each number. Holes on top of the glued cut felt figures. On the side of the drum is made a threaded hole for pouring the paint, and shut the tube.

To use such a device simply and conveniently. The interior of the bowl is filled with paint. It permeates the felt letters. If we now touch any face of the fixture to sitesanal the surface of the wood, it will turn clear impression. To work on our stamp is much easier and more productive, and the quality of labels much higher than when applied by hand.
The marking device of the Forester:
1 — felt letter, 2 — threaded plug, 3 — holder, 4 — handle, 5 — reel paint, 6 — axis.
In conclusion, some advice. In order not to mess with the mirror-mark numbers, it makes sense to serverlimit face from the inside, before gluing them to the drum. In this case, to portray the numbers will be normal (not mirrored and upright) orientation.
I. KORVYAKOV, student of 9th class, Khilokskiy rayon, Chitinskaya oblast

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