LEG MODULE FOR THE WHOLE SETIn the manufacture of handmade furniture is particularly advantageous to find a solution component structures, which visually unifies the disparate objects in a single set. It is often limited to superficially similar features: for example, the same handles from cabinets, shelves and tables or just a single color surface finish of parts.

An interesting variant of the unifying piece of furniture proposed by the Hungarian magazine “Earmaster” — the universal foot, the shape of which allows to embed it in a variety of interior items. Judge for yourself: it is present in one form or another, all depicted in the drawings the pieces of furniture.

What constitutes the stem and what is the secret of its universality? First of all, of course, successfully found the form of this design element. Made in the form of letters, the leg can be easily integrated into any furniture no matter what material is made of curved wooden bar 40×20 (as shown in the drawings) or from a metal tube or obtained by parklea appropriate width strips of veneer or thin plywood. The dimensions of the furniture items specified in the schemes, and this roughly.


It will require the traditional number of legs is four, but not in the corners, usually United in pairs, as a hand-written letter X, they are located on two sides of the countertop, which is attached on a plug-in round thorns or screwed to it from below with screws.


Dining table

Dining table:

1 — legs; 2 — fastener (screw or furniture screw); 3 — PRONASCI (wood); 4 — top (furniture Board, chipboard)

The very table top is made of furniture Board. However amiss and chipboard, but in this case it edges better to decorate with thin wooden slats. The entire sheet is primed and painted nitro or enamel paints, and the upper surface of the glued decorative film of wood or plastic on the Bustilat.

To give greater stability and rigidity of the pairs of legs are connected by longitudinal provocame from wooden bruskov or boards.



The same four legs, but United together as if in a single dense column can be a beautiful basis for the original round table, convenient for drinking tea with a light dessert for a friendly chat. Connecting element in this case can serve as a small staging insert in a block of wood of square section, whose sides may be equal to the width of the legs. Each leg is attached to the block with screws or plug-in round thorns on glue (carpenter’s, PVA).


Tea table

Tea table:

1 — leg (4 PCs); 2 — the connecting element (timber); 3 — tabletop

The material of the countertop and fastening to it — similar to the variant of the dining table.



Elegant table flowers is also going on the basis of the C-shaped legs, but in the amount of three pieces. There are two variants of the connecting element: round die-cut under the legs or a kind of wooden “washers” in the amount of two pieces. The legs are attached to them the same way as previous versions — the screws or plug-in round thorns with glue (furniture or PVA).

The shape of the countertop — any, beginning from round or triangular to polygonal. Given that when watering a flower it is not always possible to be careful not to spill water, the upper surface of the countertop should be waterproof (e.g., covered with plastic or, better yet, covered with glass).


Podtsvetochniki. Coffee table

Podtsvetochniki. Coffee table:


1 — leg (3 pieces); 2 — the connecting element (wooden disc or “puck”); 3 — top; 4 — fasteners


Finally, the same C-shaped parts can be grounds for the coffee table. However, in this case they are not vertically as in the previous structures, but horizontally, “horns” down. So you will need only two details, which, nevertheless, will give four feet. They can be attached directly to the top, as shown, or to communicate additional spacer bars to increase the rigidity of the support table.


It depends on the materials used, as well as the overall color scheme of the interior. Legs made of metal you can just paint with nitro enamels of dark tones, preferably by a spray from an aerosol can or spray gun (compressor): the coating is perfectly smooth and even.

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