SPINNING WHEEL CONSOLEOffer the readers of the magazine the console for manual spinning, which is complete with a household sewing machine with foot or electric drive performs the role of an ancient spinning wheel. It gives the opportunity to use odnoimennyi drive sewing machine to transfer one-way and multi-speed rotation of the stag and the coil that is essential to the operation of any spinning wheels.
Consoles are made to the sewing machine “Chaika-3”; however, no alterations in design are not needed. Only under a shelf on which is mounted a sewing head, there is a need to set deflection roller — wooden spool from under the thread. Coil and pulleys — wood. The stag is cut from plywood with a thickness of 18-20 mm. Preferably oak or birch. If the coil and the pulleys run from light alloys, the need for the washers and screws from the coil disappears and the drive pulley screws must be replaced by screws. As a drive belt I use a harness from a children’s skipping ropes.
Device attachments for hand-spinning.
Device console for manual spinning:
1 stag, 2 — coil, 3 — pulley, 4 — pulley intermediate, 5 — shaft, 6 — bushing (bronze), 7 — stand, 8 — belts 9 — belt 10 — axis 11 — nut-lamb M8, 12 — screw М3Х25, 13 — washer 14 — nut M3, 15 — washer (2 pieces) 16 — screw (4 PCs), 17 — washer 18 — stud, 19 — screw (2 PCs), 20 — washer 21 — cotter pin 22 — washer 23 — cotter pin, 24 — screw.

For operation of the device with the machine with electric drive it is only necessary to throw the drive belt from the pulley of the sewing head on the groove of the drive pulley and secure clamp stand for the edge of the desktop by means of a screw. Then it is necessary to move the sewing machine from the box to tension the drive belt and install between the strut.
Wiring diagram for a set top box to the sewing machine with a treadle.
Wiring diagram for a set top box to the sewing machine with a treadle.
The whole operation for the conversion of sewing machines to the spinning wheel takes no more than 3-5 minutes.
V. VODNEV, village of Briceni, Moldova

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