CABINET BIBLIOPHILEDesire to renovate your house sooner or later leads to the need to produce home-made furniture. And, of course, want to creation of their own hands was not simple copying of industrial production and was distinguished by the originality and functionality.
We offer DIY bookcase, in the style of “retro”. He not only decorate the interior of a room: a distinctive feature of the design is a glazed door rising and dvigaysya deep shelves that provides free access to any book.
The most quickly and efficiently prepare parts of the Cabinet using the circular saw or the jigsaw. Assembly of the elements is produced on glue and screws. The best material for the manufacture of the Cabinet, of course, of the Board, but it is OK to use chipboard.
First, you need to make the side walls. The most time consuming operation is the production of guide grooves that move the doors. Their quality and accuracy depends on the appearance of the whole Cabinet. To carry out the grooves in several ways in accordance with the capabilities of the materials used. If it’s particle Board, it is better to use overhead rails or dural “corners”. In the case of Cabinet Assembly from boards, you can carefully choose the slots with a chisel, and the sliding surfaces of studs mounted on the glue and small studs metal strip.
For the manufacture of doors, also there are several options. The first is to use plywood strips with thickness of 10…12 mm, from which framework. The second, more difficult option — the Assembly of a framework of wooden bars cross-section 20X50 mm, with the sample (the sampler or plane) of the quarter. Pay special attention to the place of installation of the guide studs. They depend on the type of grooves.
Glass is better to use a display with a thickness of 4…6 mm high quality. They can be ordered in mirrored studios. Secure glass using glazing beads regular or special shaped pads that are sold in furniture stores.
Shelves are mounted on studs or supporting rails, then they will be able to withstand a greater load. If some of the shelves are planned to accommodate different kinds of encyclopedias, dictionaries or other books of high volume, it is recommended to provide a bottom-supporting partitions. Otherwise, the weight of the books is able to deform the entire Cabinet.
After installing the shelves and freely lifting and moving doors wardrobe sutured back sheet of plywood or hardboard with a thickness of 3 mm.
Trim depends on the overall interior of the room where the wardrobe will be placed. She is careful sanding, primer and subsequent product painting oil or acrylic paint.
1 — side panel (A production version of the overhead slots), 2 — plate (brass, bronze), 3 — spikes 4 — door (B — version of her build from plywood frames with a thickness of 10…12 mm and install the extension brackets), 5 — cover, 6 — dowel Ø 10 mm, 7 — shelf, 8 — glass, 9 — bead, 10 — groove 11 — remote bracket (for version with patch slots).
According to the magazine “POPULAR MECHANICS”, USA

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