STAND FOR DRILLIf the drill breaks in the work is placed on the table or on the floor, I don’t like, but still tolerable. But if on the ground, but still raw? So I had the idea to make a stand-“the suitcase”, which would be convenient to put and take out a drill with an inserted drill bit and to transfer it separately or in a bag.

I will explain only the principle of manufacturing, as the suitcase is under the drill “in General”, and under specific model, at best, lineup. Mine, for example, fits a series of “Saratov – 2…7” which is now not available in connection with the “rest” of the plant.
The drill is placed on a wooden “bed” (assembled from 2 pieces) and abuts the front bevel gear, not the crank. The dimensions and geometry under the form of specific models. Around the cradle with a drill manufactured and assembled everything else.
Drill in
The drill in “the suitcase” (view from left side)
Layout of drill on a stand inside the
The scheme of location of drill on a stand inside the “briefcase”
Internal volume
The internal volume of the “suitcase”: visible lodgement of drill, a bracket and a compartment under the cutting tool
The body of the stand are cut and bent from one sheet of iron, but there may be other options.
To make it easier to put the drill in a suitcase (even “not looking”), the upper edge of the box slightly opened. In the position of carrying handles to bend your arms slightly preload the drill, and it is secured inside the case.
O. ELISEEV, Syzran

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