DRILL FROM DRILLI’m probably not mistaken saying that the majority of home handymen’s dream is to have a universal bormashenko. How many opportunities it opens! Engraving, abrasive machining of parts of complex configuration, the manufacture of dies and molds, drilling and countersinking holes located in hard to drill places, jewelry work — this is not a complete list of operations to perform which allows this mechanism. It is not surprising that bormashenko, due to its large SROs, it is not easy to get.

However, this mechanism can do it yourself. Offer made relatively simple design bormashenko on the basis of the electric drill.

First of all, you will need a floppy drive. I recommend to use for this purpose, the cable of the speedometer — it will not be difficult to buy in any store of spare parts for cars and motorcycles. I used a flexible shaft of the speedometer of the motorcycle “IZH”, type GW 119A-01, under which all shown dimensions. This detail operational requirements answered in full, and improvements almost never required, only had to cut the threads of M16 on the surface of one of the lugs of the shell (Fig.1). With equal success it is possible to use cables speedometers and other types.

The appearance of bormashenko shown in figure 2. A power drill clamped into a vise using the supplied accessories: bracket or a special clamping (its size is given for drill type IE-1032; in other cases you will need the appropriate changes). The working part of the machine is arranged in the handle and driven in rotation by the cable short rigid shaft with a collet Chuck. The last is attached a working tool.

The design of the main elements of bormashenko it is clear from figure 3. Torque transmission through the tip 9, clamped in the Chuck. Extending from the sheath end of the flexible shaft 10 has a square cross-section. Fixed it in the tip as follows: inserted into the hole equal to the diameter of the shaft (in this case 3.2 mm) to a depth of 15 — 20mm and carefully zaccarin (raslaan or crimped ferrule on the length 10 — 15 mm).

Fig. 1. Flexible shaft type GV 119A-01

Fig. 1. Flexible shaft type GV 119A-01:

1 — the tip of the shaft; 2,4 — tipped sheath; 3 is a flexible sheath; 5 — nut; 6 — flexible shaft

Fig. 2. Bormashenko Assembly

Fig. 2. Bormashenko Assembly:

1 — drill; 2 — clip; 3 — additional bracket; 4 flexible shaft; 5 — handle; 6 — collet; 7 — working tool; 8 — vise, 9 — M10 screw to tighten the clamp and mounting bracket (nut). (Size “V” is chosen to the width of the jaws)


Fig. 3. Flexible prefix


Fig. 3. Flexible prefix

Fig. 3. Flexible console:

1 — nut collet; 2 — interchangeable collet; 3 — spacer; 4 — rigid shaft; 5 — handle; 6 — nut; 7 — transitional bushing; 8 — nut M10; 9 — the tip; 10 — flexible shaft; 11 — additional bracket; 12 — bearings; 13 — arm cover. (* — the sizes used for bearings)


Adapter sleeve performs several functions: plays a role of a slide bearing is used to accommodate a sheath of the shaft and also presses the flexible attachment to the additional bracket, ensuring the alignment of the shaft and the axis of the drill. The sleeve is preferably made of bronze or brass.

The working body consists of a rigid shaft with a collet Chuck, arm with cap, two spacer bushings and two bearings. The handle and lid can be made of any metal — bronze, steel, duralumin. Inside arm with one end cut a reciprocal thread M16 for anchoring the tip of the sheath of the flexible shaft. The position of the bearings is fixed to the spacer bushings.

Rigid shaft machined from a steel and, if possible, hardened. The groove for connection with the tip of a flexible shaft and interchangeable thread collet on the opposite end made up of the school.

Interchangeable collets are made for tools with shanks in three diameters: 2.4 and 6 mm. the Outer dimensions of the collets are the same.

Bearings are used from the old gear motor. They have an outer diameter 16 mm, internal 4 mm, and the thickness of the holder is 5 mm. However, instead of any other small-sized ball bearings or even sliding vytachiv them out of brass or bronze.

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