SLED WITH A PROPELLERThis town is located in the Perm region. Called Tchaikovsky. In summer lives of ordinary working life. With the onset of winter is starting to sound a special music. It does not arise immediately: the characteristic sounds are born in one area of town to another. If the musicians try out their instruments. The day came and the orchestra struck up, and will run on a special concert by local residents.

Amazing orchestra is a group of technology enthusiasts we, the people for whom the crackling motors — the world’s best music. Once a year they gather with their machines to become traditional competitions and it’s really a holiday. Festival technical search, carnival wide variety of designs, the first ball of the new machines.
The reader will recall: in the time we talked about we capital — Kinel ‘ under Kuibysheva. Then the fans of motor sleds of the polar city of INTA. Today welcome the arrival of another such center — the city of Tchaikovsky.
Now, it may be hard to establish who here built the first snowmobile: a lot of them, and each winter the number of machines increases. But – here but the man who designed the snowmobile most of all, and perhaps not only in this city, you can call with confidence: Mikhail Ignatievich Psarev, the author of a series of propeller driven sleds, which had to assign their indices: PM-1, PM-2, PM-3 and so on; this year’s competition, Mikhail Ignatievich acted on its latest model — PM-6. However, the word “last” in this case does not fit on the line at M. I. Psarev sled amphibian.
Why would one person have so many cars? Did it, works quite! But the fact of the matter is that for enthusiast and technical creativity machine is interesting not in itself, but as a result of solving specific design problems.
PM-5: light planes M. I. Psarev
PM-5: light planes M. I. Psarev
There is a new idea — and farewell to the old design: the details needed for their next job.
Each of the series PM — a stage on the way of technical search, which for many years with unflagging enthusiasm leads M. I. Psarev. Snowmobile with a monocoque body and frame construction, open and closed, single and double, with the screw shaft with V-belt drive, with skis wooden and metal, with the fuel supply by gravity with the fuel pump without gear and with gear… Mind — made” thinking — also did. Building, testing, gap analysis and new ideas, and new version.
Special direction of M. I. Psarev — engines for snowmobiles need, but what should it be? And through the hands of the designer are almost all available and affordable: velomitor D-5 and boat, tractor of puskach PD-10 and a whole family of motorcycle — Planeta-3, IZH-49, M-72, “Jupiter 4”. II still do not know what takes the most time and effort — the construction of the sled or the engine for them. To remove some gear from the gear box, cast Carter, carve a shaft screw, change cylinder, to construct the gear, pick up a crankshaft to be machined, milled afterwards to extrude…
Looks like the beginning of a new series of stamps PM, but now motor: Mikhail Ignatievich sent to the editor a description of the constructed multi-motor PM-7. And here he remained true to his principle to verify in practice. For testing the motors he builds… stand? No, the snowmobile. So what! In the letter he only mentions them in connection with the engine. For look at their scheme and pattern — and it seems that the PA auxiliary structure? Finished, the original decision, deserves his own brand — PM-5.
Primarily the frame, the cornerstone of the design of any machine, if their body is not carrying. Because the snowmobile was conceived still as a test for the motor, the circuit had to be as simple as possible. Here trehlistnyj option, no body — only a small front-fairing is made of plywood and the windshield above it. This ease and openness of the whole structure, the author and called her aeronorte.
But no body should be the frame. Usually in these cases of metal profiles, pipes or wooden bars mounted rectangular or triangular base, on which everything else is attached.
M. I. Pisarev — perhaps for the first time to snowmobile, have used a backbone frame. Used duralumin pipe of large diameter — 125X2. 5 mm, which gave both a gain in weight, and necessary rigidity and strength to the whole structure. Mounting of parts and assemblies on the kind of frame used is extremely simple, but also reliable with clamps from wide stripes to which, if necessary, welded support elements mounting: bushing, crossmember, lugs under screw connections. Interestingly, when all other winnings frame tube has one additional functional advantage that is not implemented by the author of the design, but incorporated in the scheme: being sealed at the ends, the eye can serve as vmestitelnuyu the tank in case of long journeys. For this front, through the shield and the fairing is integrated filler neck, and behind the fuel line to the motor.
1 — steering ski, 2 — plug, 3 — dome lights, 4 — front clamp, 5 — fairing, 6 — a motorcycle wheel, 7 — seat-trunk, 8 — polnogo, 9 — rubber buffers, 10 — magneto 11 — fencing screw, 12 — pulley for starting the engine — muffler (side view not shown).
Dotted line shows position: front — fuel filler neck for the option of “pipe — tank”; rear — gas lines.

All three skis have shock absorption from the two-way springs. Long-term practice has shown that it is suitable material for ski is birch Board thickness 20-25 mm; to improve the slip sole is glued with polyethylene and to improve the controllability of each ski bottom is installed, the undercuts of the area. Front ski swivel; mounted on the fork from the front wheel of the bike, taken together with the steering bushing, welded to the end cap front clamp. Cross beam of a steel tube to which are attached the back of the ski, at the same time is the backbone of the sub-frame. On the latter, in turn, is attached to the bracket of the fence screw. This whole site with the help of two clamps connected with the spinal frame.
Engine 25 HP — own design, made from parts and components of motorcycle engines “Jupiter 4” and boat — “Hello”, with carb-TO-36Ж and doohickery magneto KATEK M135. On the motor shaft mounted pulley to run and screw Ø 1060 mm by 540 mm.
Nose cone from sheet material on angle frame with reinforcing gussets at the corners mounted on the front and the first middle clamps. Below goes the steering column is connected by a rod with swivel lever fork. Top installed on the studs windproof canopy with glass on the rubber seals.
The driver’s seat — box type made of plywood 6 mm thick, bonded dural angles; top — soft pillow. The bottom of the box are fastened two wooden pegs from the Board thickness of 20 mm. In front and rear walls of the box has a hole Ø 125 mm, due to which it is put on a pipe-frame and foot pegs attached to the cross members, welded to the middle clamps. The top cover seat with cushion flips up and the drawer can simultaneously serve as a small trunk.
Due to the mutual capacity and ease of mounting sites also received a gain in weight. Aeronorte turned out aesthetically pleasing in appearance, practical, easy — 75 lbs. At the competition they have developed a speed of 70 km/h, losing only to snowmobiles with engines from “Volga” and motorcycle “Ural”.

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