For a folding darkroom there is a place even in a small apartment. Once assembled, it is a bedside table dimensions mm. 535X420X760 In a way gives you more usable space, enough to accommodate all necessary equipment.
Tototomoto made of available materials: pine slats, beams, birch plywood; also used non-deficient, piano hinges, furniture fittings, furniture same locks (mechanical or magnetic), the screws and bolts with wing nuts. Veneer — plates or veneer.
Manufacturer of tables you can start with the Assembly of the legs (from bars 40X40X750 mm) with a horizontal tightening elements.
In General the whole design is going on glue (carpentry or casein), and so that the horizontal and vertical elements were flush. After drying during the day and Stripping by top and bottom horizontal beams on the bottom is plywood. Are formed two holes: the upper one for storing negatives, bottom of photo paper.
The back of the Cabinet is sheathed with plywood sheet size 495X700 mm.
For the top — pull-out — box would require two guides (reference) profiled strips, preferably of hard wood: they hit the inside of the legs to a depth of 10 mm, and so that the support protrusions of the rods was 50 mm below the top of the ceiling; set on the glue. The box itself is assembled from slats on the studs, the bottom is MDF or plywood.
Also made two shelves out of plywood with a thickness of 10 m. below them in the legs of the pedestal are cut the slots.
The next step is to manufacture the front door. She sliding, as shown in the figure: one piece from a sheet of plywood to the rack frame with one hand. On the door set fitting the handle. A sliding side door gives additional comfort for sitting at the enlarger.
For the hinged side covers are first collected from slats 40X25 mm (wsip) U-shaped frame the size 600X320 mm (2 PCs.). Then they cut dimensions of the plywood pads (size 650X400 mm) and fixed on the adhesive.
The most complex Assembly tables portable folding support legs. Oki support rising side of the countertop, and folded to fit in the flip cover cabinets, deepening the size 520X240 mm. For the legs will need grooved (circular saw cutting) Reiki section 40X25 mm, 50X25 mm and a length of 520 mm and a length of 80 mm. Rods with groove and easy-going in the framework 520X160 mm (groove out). Then in the slots with the greater part entered the appropriate pile-pairs and are attached to each other by crossbars 240Х40Х10 mm screws and glue.
Fig. 1. Table-darkroom.
Fig. 1. Table-darkroom:
1 — connecting rod-proleg, 2 — leg, 3 — leg folding base, 4 — base magnifier, 5 — hour front Desk magnifier, 6 — folding top, 7 — cover, 8 — the bottom of the grooves, 9 — drawer, 10 — drawer rails, 11 — door, 12 — shelf. A — site finger joints of the U-shaped frame folding table top, B — design solution of the movable finger joints of the framework folding of the support legs.
Fig. 2. The location of the grooves in the legs under the shelf.
Fig. 2. The location of the grooves in the legs under the shelf.
Now the countertop Assembly with sliding legs can be mounted to the side of the upper crossmember pedestals.
The final operation is the finishing of the surface. The cupboard can be athanasouli and varnish. Justified and veneer with the plastic on the BF glue or epoxy resin. However, in the absence of plastic or veneer is acceptable to paint it by nitroshpaklevok or nitroenamel (e.g. for refrigerators).
Phototomac designed for enlarger “Neva-2M”, which during disassembly can be removed from the bracket and the projector to put on the bottom shelf. All the rest of the equipment home photo lab without much difficulty placed on the shelves.
V. BURIKOV, teacher, village Yeralievo, Kazakh SSR

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