The furniture, which we equip today hallways of our apartments should be capacious, compact, convenient. Here is necessary hangers for casual clothes, a mirror, shelves for bags, brushes and other small items, containers for storing seasonal clothes and shoes, and various household equipment.
Equally important is the appearance of the furniture, because the hallway the face of the home.
All these qualities are embodied in the set of “Wright”, which we introduce readers to this edition of KDM.
“Wright” — the so-called set of hall furniture designers Valmiera furniture factory of the Latvian SSR. Functionality, compactness, simple forms and contrasting color scheme — key features of this set. “Wright” enjoyed well-deserved attention of visitors of VDNKH of the USSR — it was exhibited in the pavilion “consumer Goods”. Among its advantages also include the availability for manufacturing.
Today we offer readers a set of furniture for the hall, developed on the basis of a set of “Wright” for a more complete use of the height of the room and given opportunities home master.
Set of furniture
The design consists of several independent units-sections: corner bookcases, linen closet, niches, hangers, wardrobe and loft. They fit together furniture with screws. Each section is going in a frame made of two sidewalls, lid and bottom with glue and screws. The rear wall sheathed with plywood or hardboard. 830 mm in bookcase and linen closet are fixed on two deaf shelves, spaced from each other by 100 mm. They divide the internal space into three volumes. Wardrobe-niche is provided with a drawer 100 mm high, removable shelves and one deaf in the lower part, which serves as a support for a shelf wardrobe.
A set of furniture for the hallway.
A set of furniture for the hallway.
A set of furniture for the hallway:
1 — corner shelf, 2 — cupboard, 3-5 — mezzanine section 6 — wardrobe, 7 — shelf wardrobe, 8 decorative curtains, 9 — peg, 10 — wardrobe-niche.

Cupboard and wardrobe doors hung on furniture or piano hinges. On a front surface of the door of the first object set headset the two mirrors, and inside the upper and lower volumes — two adjustable shelves. In the upper part of the second is a blank shelf for hats and hangers for clothes and adults at a height of 800 mm for children.
To the left side panel of a wardrobe in the upper part of the outer side is attached to the furniture, screw the hanger, the other side of which is fixed on the inner surface of the niche. Racking is a frame with hooks and a rod for hangers mounted on the inner short sides. On top of the whole structure is closed by a lid. To the rear of the hanger is hung from a decorative curtain of hardboard strips 25 mm wide, held together by Korda tennis racquets, or fishing line No. 10.
The mezzanine section is collected similarly to the main cabinets and mounted, are brought together with screws.
The main structural material of the kit can be furniture Board or particle Board, covered with artificial leather or plastic, bright colors, pasted ka “Bustilat”. If you reduce the length of hangers and shelves wardrobe up to 820 mm, the furniture can be arranged linearly along one wall of the hallway.
With such arrangement it is necessary to make the oblong mezzanine section and install it on a hanger and a wardrobe-niche.

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