Forced bed rest is equally painful As a child and an adult. Therefore, if the disease lasted for a long time chained to the pillow, the patient should be to create conditions for feasible classes: reading, drawing, performing minor work. In this case, you will need a small and convenient table.
We offer Hungarian magazine “Earmaster” design bedside table is quite easy to manufacture at home.

You will need a sheet of plywood with a thickness of 10-12 mm are cut out of it all the main parts, but above all she is countertop size 550×250 mm. from the Bottom, she inserted a round studs with glue fasten two legs size 180×170 mm, and the top, close to the front edge of the plate cross-section 30×20 mm for mounting with the help rojalnoj loops card or the incline of the working Board. Panel and the working Board is shorter than the tabletop: for convenience, the right indent is made that the patient could get what is on the table.
The working Board has a size of 400×250 mm. in Front, from below to it is attached a support for books or pencils, and rear — hinged stand to the card loop, holding a working Board in an inclined position. In the table cut the grooves for the stand, allowing you to change the angle of the working Board.
Bed table
Bed table:
1 — top; 2 — panel; 3 — hinge; 4 — legs; 5 — working Board; 6 — bearing; 7 — stand; 8 — groove for the stand

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