TABLEEven in small apartments on special occasions are big companies, and then there is the problem of the table — are available, bring from neighbors. The proposed table for the living room can solve the problem. The fact that if necessary from it as if from the dolls removed the need for the reception… almost the same tables, lurking there in the form of boxes.

In disassembled condition the main table serves as a coffee, and boxes, extendable tables, if they flip over — you can store small items. The size and number of components one-hundred-and-La-“nesting dolls” can be anything, depending on needs.
Shown in the figures of the design are collected from the box covers size 600x500x100 mm (4 pieces) and the U-shaped part with dimensions 515x450x20 (5 PCs) and 490x450x20 mm (3 pieces), and rails pine sticks and cross section, respectively, and 30×20 50×20 mm.
teams, their side — from drevesnostruzhechnoj plates in the thickness of 20 mm; the top of the expanded frame are covered with plywood 10 mm thick, connecting them with screws and glue.
Combined table (assembled)
Combined table (assembled):
1— cover, 2— support frame, 3— bar guide, a 4 retractable table. 5— foldable legs.

Basic table (folding tables removed)
Main table (folding tables removed).
Extendable table
Extendable table (A — legs in working position, B — folded):
1 — foldable legs (frame of reference), 2 — latch, 3 – loop the piano. 4 — lined under bolt, 5 — rope—locking mechanism for the legs.

Reference frame desks — from boards of solid rock; they play the role of the legs and are attached to the caps with bolts (from main table) and piano loops (extendable). In the expanded state of the support frame folding tables are fixed the latches. Other design features are clear from the drawings.
Prior to Assembly of the cover it is best to paste over the texture film and frame painted in a dark color or treated with stain and varnish.
Alexander NAZAROV

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