Having decided the construction of a bath at their summer cottage, I read a lot of the relevant literature. Not all the proposed solutions device furnaces I liked it. I wanted to simplify the design, make more technological, but at the same time, to improve its performance.

In the end constructed his oven. I use it in the bath more than five years, like it’s not only me but also my friends.
Offer readers the description of my stoves. I hope it will serve as a good fans of the Russian bath. Winter EA and a half hours the oven heats the sauna rooms with capacity from 9 m3 to 80 degrees, and washing room to 25 degrees. By circulating water through the coil to the grid is intense heat 240 gallons of water to a boil.
Oven-stove welded from sheet steel 3 mm. For easy mounting and transportation of ie it consists of three separate units: the firebox-ash pan; heater and hot water tank. Each block has a height of 500 mm, width and depth — 700 mm. the bottom of the tank and the heater on the perimeter has the frame of a steel angle 50×50 mm welded by electric welding.
The firebox-Golnik (1) installed on the Foundation. Firebox and ash pan inside lined with refractory bricks on clay, between them there is a grate-grate. The front wall of the unit has two front doors: wood and removal of ash. They are taken from an ordinary village oven.
The heater (2) in the front wall has a window and a removable door-flap of sheet steel (not shown), which is at the hearth of the furnace is closed. The bottom of the block is a serpentine-lattice under the stones (10), welded from two longitudinal pipes (4) with a diameter of 40 mm and a transverse set of (8) with a diameter of 20 mm. Longitudinal pipe has two connecting pieces 1/2″ to connect to the Baku water and hot water.
Through the tank (3) passes to the chimney (5) is a steel pipe with a diameter of 150 mm. It is welded to the steel plates, the spacers (6) of the tank to the bottom, through which is down to 50 mm. Protrusion needed for larger delays heat in the heater. In the upper part of the chimney welded valve. Drain the hot water tank in the front has a valve (7).
In my version of the firebox, the ash pan and the heater are connected to one another by eight M6 bolts through the holes in the corners (9); and for sealing the joint sealed with a gasket.
A pot of hot water, framed by the bottom metal strip (11), easy to install on the heater, additional fastening is not required. Due to the fact that the tank coil and the grid connected to the two tubes, formed a circulation circuit, accelerating and sustaining water heating. On top, the tank is closed with a lid made of sheet steel.
V. AVTUKH, D. O W e R s, Grodno region of Belarus

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