CHAIR CHAISEOn the Sunny balconies in a city apartment or on the green lawn of a suburban area nice to sit in a comfortable chair-a lounger. The design proposed by the Hungarian magazine “Earmaster”, different from the traditional schemes of sun loungers by the fact that the chair is not just foldable and detachable. Actually it’s two independent frames, one of which, the seat is inserted into another, playing the role of the back. Each of them has its own characteristics, to ensure the reliability of a reciprocal link in position without additional fastening elements. Consider each frame separately.

The simplest is the seat. It is assembled from two supporting wooden bars cross-section of 50×20 mm and a length of about 1000 mm, which are joined at the top and bottom transverse planks mm. 60×15 All upper bracket — overhead, attached with screws and actually form a seat; a lower strap — fastening, it is flush set with a large offset from the core group modules. Supporting the ends of the bars may have bevels for better contact with the ground the location of the chair.


Frame back going otherwise. The basis of it also be two strong wooden bars, like seats, however they are held together by three cross members. Top of them — bill plank as seat, just fastens the rear side of the backrest. The bottom — bar of the same cross-section reference: directly accounts for the main load. Just above it, but the back side is installed the same bar. As he thrust, experiencing the same loads as the adjacent bottom. Together they under the load of a seated person form a kind of clamping lock retaining insert between the seat in position.

Reference for the back seat part can be made of the variant, depending on the desires of manufacturing a chaise longue. The easiest solution is to make it out of fabric (tent, tarpaulin, canvas), beat the cloth to the support bars on the back side. Such back can be more complex, of two layers of panels with sewn in between the transverse strips of thick foam rubber. Options for fixing this back as a different way of installing it under the cross straps with the tie-in anchor bars, shown in the figures.


Composite chair chaise lounge

Composite chair chaise:

1 — support bars of the backrest frame; 2 — the bottom cross member of the backrest; 3 — saddle the bar of the seat frame; 4 — cross strap seat; 5 — thrust block of a back; 6 — fabric back; 7 — the upper cross member of the backrest frame; 8 — the lower cross member of the seat frame

Padded back of the chaise longue

The soft backrest of the sun lounger:

1 — a support beam of the backrest frame; 2 the upper cross member of the backrest frame; 3 padded back with foam inserts; 4 — foam strip


Pattern upholstered headboards

Pattern upholstered headboards:

1 — bottom panel; 2 — the top panel; A — line pretrazivanja with foam inserts


If it is not necessary that the back was soft, instead of fabric, you can use wooden planks are the same as on the seat.

To bring the lounger in the working position it is sufficient to insert a frame of the seat between the locking bars of the back, which under load will clamp it, providing a reliable and stable position. In a disconnected form both frames together or separately, convenient for carrying and storage.

It remains to add that this bouncer is not only practical, but also beautiful, if the wooden parts painted with bright enamel or oil paint (different colors) and cloth to pick up colorful, decorative colors.

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