TABLE with TWO LEGSit is Known: if the furniture is on legs, she’s usually four, at least three. However, some items may be one Central pillar. But two is not found.

However — maybe two. For example, the table that is permanently assigned to the same location at the wall. Why did he have an extra pair of legs if it is not going to ever rearrange? For it is a wall that supports any safer! Fasten it on one side of the table — and he never will rock! How to make a table, presented the Hungarian magazine”, Earmaster”.
The basis of a two-legged table — exploded frame of boards with a thickness of 15 mm. From the front of her are two wooden legs, and the opposite — the two original metal braces, the teeth are inserted in the second brackets-pockets on the wall — so there is no need in two legs.
Inside the frame on its two transverse rods is of a box-shaped nightstand with open shelf and closed section under it. She’s going out of thick plywood or chipboard. Folding door sections are solid, but simulates the front panel of the two drawers with handles. It is mounted on piano hinge attached to the bottom edge of the door and the bottom of the tables.
Table legs are made of two wooden beams of variable cross section: the upper part is square 50×50 mm, bottom — too square, 30×30 mm.
two-legged table
two-legged table:
1 — leg (2 PCs); 2 — suspended nightstands with two branches; 3 — hinged door of the lower office tables; 4 — piano hinge; 5 — peg; 6 — podstolny the table frame; 7 — a cross bar for hanging lockers (2); 8 — frame decorative table tops; 9 top; 10 — clip-pocket; 11 — bracket-to-tooth
Exploded on top of the frame is mounted on a plug-in thorns (pins) bar countertops from a sheet of chipboard or thick plywood. For decorative purposes it can be stowed auxiliary U-shaped frame made of thin planks facing the open part to the wall.
The connection of the parts of the table may be traditional — in round plug-in thorns (nails) and glue (carpenter, PVA, casein), and also with the help of furniture parts And just mount it to the wall requires special solutions. If the table is not supposed to even touch the seat — back side podstolny frame can be mounted to the wall using appropriate screws and dowels. However, it is easier to make a mount that allows you, if necessary, to separate the table from the wall One of the ways this attachment is shown in the figure. Loose curly loop (2 PCs.); consisting of the two metal clips. One of them has the form of a kind of pocket and is attached to the wall, the other in the form of a protruding tooth set on the frame and podstolny is inserted firmly into the wall bracket.
Finished table depends on the quality of wood used. When losing the texture of the surfaces can be painted with enamels, and the base (frame, legs) — one color (e.g. brown), and bedside table with table top — the other (say beige), matching or in contrast (green, green). If the wood pattern is beautiful — it is better to keep increasing the stain or simply covering the furniture with lacquer, oil or nitro, optionally in several layers with careful intermediate drying and polishing of fine-grained skins.

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