THE CELLAR...THE CELLAR...In a kitchen furniture factory production somehow not provided any special locker for storing vegetables. For croup and utensils easy to adjust and offered by manufacturers of various kinds of cabinets or speakers. But for a small supply of potatoes, onions, carrots, beets would be good to have fitted a smaller capacity. Similar design in the form of neat tables offers Hungarian magazine “Earmaster”, description of the scheme and which, I think, will interest our readers.

This small cellar will be appropriate in a city apartment and in the country. Its dimensions can be different, depending on the required amount of vegetable stocks, which depend on the quantitative composition of the family or other specific conditions. Therefore, will focus on design features of the proposed cellar.
Externally, the bedside table is somewhat reminiscent of.. the birdhouse: the same vertical box with a sloping lid. If to remove — will see the top compartment with Polikom and slatted rear wall. It is well to store potatoes, as it does not tolerate stagnant air and require ventilation.
Under the compartment is a drawer, which instead of the bottom is also mesh, and therefore it is ventilated. Here you can lay onions, beets, carrots.
1 — side panel; 2 — front cross member; 3 — guide; 4 — front panel; 5 — cover tables; 6 — hinge; 7 — rear upper cross member; 8 — the upper landing tables; 9— frame grid of glazing beads; 10—grid; 11 — rear panel; 12 — the bottom of the top of his compartment; 13 — cover; 14 — frame mesh of the bottom of the box; 15 — front drawer panel with handle; 16 — mesh

The basis of the tables comprise two side panels of chipboard or thick plywood. With partial front panel, located in the upper part, and about the same back at the bottom, the two sidewalls are connected on screws or simply nails.
Additional rigidity attach two cross bar: front bottom and rear top. Each one performs its additional function: timing is reference guide for the drawer and on the back, with a different version, can be fastened hinge cover (in the present version of this uses a small horizontal wooden platform, the final top of tables).
Between the front and rear panel is attached to the bottom panel of the upper compartment. And its mesh is mounted using thin strips-fillet as the bottom mesh of the drawer.
Contouring mesh upper compartment nightstands bead
Contouring mesh upper compartment nightstands bead
Assembling the main panels of the cabinets with nails or screws
Assembling of the main panels of the cabinets with nails or screws
The box itself is assembled from four pieces of Board or chipboard, vpoldereva or just in the joint, nails or screws. On the side panels under it are mounted the guide support rails. The bottom side panels and the front cross member is notched neckline for greater stability tables and provide the necessary ventilation.
Cover tables is a rectangular panel that is attached to the card or hinges.

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