A DAY NOT TO BE SEEN, NIGHT BEDWrite your magazine since 1978 and I find it very interesting and useful. Responding to the call of the editors to be not only readers, but also active authors, decided to write to you and about your experience.

Eight years ago I faced the question: how to furnish a small room with my four kids for % of sleep, so that it still had a place to play? You have published in different years, several variants of folding beds. Rebounding from galogennyh them ideas, I developed my own design that meets the specifics of our apartment.
Since the description of the Assembly of such furniture were cited many times, do not go into detailed drawings and diagrams — are sent instead of pictures: they are not worse give an idea of the solution that I eventually came.
My two-story clamshell is much more compact than previously published, thanks to a more advantageous scheme of folding. The fact that the lower bench and counter top are “one to one” — turns out the wall pencil case size of only mm. 350x1100x1800 While externally it looks quite neat and doesn’t take up much space. Besides inside can be removed for a day and bedding.
A compact, wall pencil case — double Decker bed.
This compact wall pencil case — double Decker bed.
Reserved fold-legs, they lowered the lower bed.
Pulling the handle, raise the upper bed, and sum under it from the wall pivoting metal brackets — ready the second bedroom of Venice.
As you can see, the children of such a design are satisfied.

And the procedure of unfolding is so simple that it can handle a seven year old child.

V. Gundarev,

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