GYM IN YOUR BEDROOM“Lack of exercise, old age, and shortness of breath…” — sung in the famous song. Indeed, in our time, the widespread mechanization and computerization of society, the preservation of an active lifestyle is very acute. The way out of this situation — physical education and sports. Therefore become habitual in our apartments mini-sports complexes and sports areas. However, the size and layout of modern apartments if and allow you to place a “gym”, it’s basically just for children, and other family members have to settle for at best conventional pull-up bar installed in the doorway.

For nearly a year my whole family successfully makes use of sport wall, which absolutely does not take away the useful area of the apartment. The fact is that the “combination” it also serves… bed.
The structure is based on the shield is assembled from three boards of length 2 m and thickness of 30 mm and cross — boards with a length of 1750 mm and a thickness of 20 mm On the shield support leg is fixed, she’s crossbar-the horizontal bar. Her material is ordinary water pipe, is bent on bending machine. After installation into designated holes in the ends of the pipe is cut, the petals are unbent and are used to fasten the legs to the bed. Pin height is not less than 300 mm (from the conditions of normal use in the embodiment of the bar).
On the opposite side to the shield mounted on the three screws of the hinge (door hinges). Mate the hinges are mounted on three posts attached to the wall. Racks can be made from scraps of boards used for the manufacture of the shield. The end of the bed and the space between the studs for decoration is closed by the plate fiberboard coated the color of the furniture in the room.
Fig. 1. Sports wall bed.
Fig. 1. Sports wall bed:
1 — front (3 PCs); 2 — niche for bedding; 3 — beam 60Х150Х1250 mm (2 PCs); 4 — crossbar (7 PCs); 5 — Board 30Х130Х2000 mm (3 pieces); 6 — hook (2-piece, steel); 7 — Board 20Х150Х1750 mm; 8 — bar (water pipe Ø 25…30 mm); 9 — retainer (2 PCs., steel); 10 — mattress (foam); 11 — door hinge (3 PCs.); 12 — panel trim (fiberboard).
Fig. 2. The retainer Assembly.
Fig. 2. The retainer Assembly.
Four twin foam mattress ensure a good nights sleep and that they did not slip off when lifting the bed used loops of cotton tape.
From the bottom of the bed, between two boards of the power frame, set the “Swedish wall” — two bars with crossbars with a diameter of 30 mm from cuttings from shovels.
The use of beds as sports equipment is possible only when you secure it in an upright position. It should pay special attention in manufacturing. Applied clips — homemade design made from steel sheet of thickness 5 mm. Holes for greater reliability, are mounted on the studs passing through the wall and secured by nuts on the opposite side.
First, in one of the pockets between the struts was set to the gear motor, to raise and opustevshiy bed automatically. But then he was eliminated — as it turned out, this operation is not so severe, and it is quite possible to include in the exercise routine, and it takes much less. Pillow — in pockets, fastened with a rubber blanket harnesses from the expander, 30 seconds bedroom into a gym, where you can wrap and twist, and through the rope to jump, and most importantly — to preserve the health of adults and children.
S. NORITSYN, Sverdlovsk

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