THE HEAT OF THE FIRE IN THE TENTI read in your journal how you can reheat steam frozen hydrant. Was thinking of another application of such devices to heat the people in the field: a tent, a tent, under the tent on the boat — after all, the fire inside will not be bred. In this case, can help portable steam-heating system, consisting of steam generator (e.g. boiler), a hose and metal hand warmers-battery (say, cans).

As steam generator (“boiler”) and warmer can be used and specially manufactured flat metal container for 8 to 12 liters. At first the upper part has a branch pipe for connection of a hose-steam line to the heating tube (“coil”) at the bottom of the heaters placed in the tent. The neck of the “pot” is closed newintobj tube, which performs the role of a safety valve that supports a safe pressure.
Hiking steam heating:
1 — steam generator (“boiler”); 2 — tube-fuse; 3 — hose-vapor line; 4 — heating tube (“coil”); 5 — heater-battery; 6 — grubka discharge of steam condensate

Warmer in working condition filled with water which is heated by the pipe”cooling coil”. The heater has a large thermal inertia, which allows it to take breaks lasting up to 1 hour or more. During these breaks, and the steam generator can be brought inside and used as an additional warmer.
M. LAZIN, Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk region.

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