Flush storage shed

Flush storage shed

Aquifers we lie a meter or two from the soil surface. The construction of a magnificent cellar in such circumstances turns into an impossible task. Meanwhile, out of this situation is quite simple: it is necessary to acquire … storage shed. The design of this original store edible inventory, invented in ancient times gardeners “soaking wet” Petersburg, remained largely unchanged.

The basis of its frame make root not thick lumber (used and dead Lesin “rollers of” the old huts are not recommended) logs, which are digged half a meter into the ground with preliminary protection (especially all) from rotting.
Since ancient times used in such cases, the antiseptic includes promazyvanie wooden surface with hot bitumen or tar, burning at the stake. Fans of progress can recommend another one, two or three times a day application “Pinotex” – fast-drying protective structure, able not only to protect the wood from rotting, protect from bugs carpenter, but also give it fire.
Log frame is linked into a single crate construction of beams, custom boards, and even slabs. On receiving the wooden hut is laid two layers of roofing felt, roofing felt or vinyl.

Storage shed
Storage shed:
1,3 – risers; 2 – tambour (with a pit, double doors and ventilation nritochnoy); 4 – bulk floor; 5 – lag; 6 – the rafters; 7 – wooden crate; 8 – laminated waterproof coating; 9 – a dirt embankment; 10 – a beam; 11 – box ventilation; 12 – horse; 13 – sheathing end a warehouse; 14 – closed; 15 – turf or grass

Warehousing sprinkled earth, peat and even better, because of its good thermal insulation properties. The thickness of this layer at the base should be at least 600 mm, and the top is 400 mm. Embankment desirable sod or sow grass.
At the base of a warehouse do trapezoidal groove. The walls of this earth excavation possible reinforce brick, put an edge on the clay-lime mortar of clay dough (1 part) and sand (3 parts) and lime paste (0.3 parts total).
One end of the storage sewed slab or board thickness of 15 to 25 mm in two rows with insulating gasket between them and the outside coating of tar board, and in the other, executed in the same way, equipped with a small vestibule with double doors for extra protection from drafts. In addition, in front of the pit they provide, so as not to bend, squeezing in a storage shed with some baggage.
should have a ventilation system for drying and maintaining air in a storage shed (even the simplest natural). You can even settle for the adjustable supply and exhaust openings. The first is located at the bottom of the door, the second – in the skate. It is desirable that this natural extract air duct formed in the form of a elementary wooden box, elevated above ground vault roof 500 mm or more.
With a fairly large capacity (between logs its width 3500 mm, height of about 2000 mm, and length – as required), convenient to use a storage shed. The passage between the built-in slatted bins and shelves is not less than 600 mm, which makes it feel relatively freely here. The temperature is maintained in the recommended range for the storage of products plus 2-3° C. Humidity is also optimal.
Acquires such a repository, and it will not let you down!

A. Zhuk

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