To consider, compare, think, manage that work, which are handled by modern computers. With the help of electronic machines is calculated the orbit of the motion of planets, satellites and missiles, the calculated flight speed of elementary particles in nuclear reactors, control machines, production lines, shops and factories. The management of real objects with a computer basically boils down to converting discrete data into a continuous signal. This work is done by auto binary code converters — descramblers. The layout of one of these converters built in school No. 511 of Leningrad. Schematic diagram of the layout in the figure.

It consists of a binary device, diode matrices, and the Executive part of the power supply.
Device binary is an Electromechanical counter made to the relays R1— R3. Each category of this counter corresponds to a certain power of two: 21 corresponds to the discharge P3 21 — P2 22 — P1. In this regard, the maximum number of managed objects will be equal to: n = 1 + 20 + 21 + 22 = 8. Switching relays is carried out using switches B2—B4, located on the control panel. Indication of the selected object by the inclusion of the corresponding lamps L1— L8.
The concept of selective device binary turn.
A schematic diagram of a polling device binary turn.
Consider the operation of the scheme on a concrete example. Suppose we need to select the sixth object:
n = 1 + 20 + 22 = 6. Therefore, you need to enable relay R1 and R3. Diodes d13 — D16, D29 — Д32 locked, and on the third bus there is a negative voltage, which opens the transistor T3. Lamp L3 indicates that the object is selected.
Part of the power supply includes a transformer Tp1, which has a network winding 220 and two step-down to 24 V.
The control panel is a rectangular box the size of 120X50X40 mm.
Front panel and base unit dimensions 250x200x6 mm made of plywood.
The front panel has a toggle switch B1 to turn on the voltage, fuse holder and signal lights.
Establishing device is reduced to the verification of the circuit elements and the correctness of their installation. If there is simultaneous actuation of multiple actuators, the fault should be sought in the diode matrix.


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