THE SECRET PROFESSION “Three potatoes, two beets, a kilo of carrots, two heads of cabbage”—a tongue Twister rattled off the seller standing in front of me a slender youth. I looked doubtfully at him, mentally assessing the solid weight of purchased food and physical capabilities of the buyer. But this time, boy, clicking the locks, opened elegant briefcase-“diplomat”, something in him turned, something pushed… and ten seconds in hand he had a large trolley. Downloading vegetables this two-wheeled trailer, a teenager drove him to the exit.

…I caught up with him with difficulty, although my bag was not even half the weight,taking away the bag in the truck. The owner of the suitcase with the secret of my questions was not surprised. “Many people wonder — he willingly responded to the request to tell about a folding cart. —In fact, the thing was very easy. Lay — not worse than standard bags. Fold — ordinary diplomat.
We sat on a Park bench, I pulled out a notebook, he immediately sketched the miracle of the portfolio and recorded notes of the author design.
For the manufacture of two-wheeled “diplomat” you’ll need aluminum sheet with a thickness of 1-1,5 mm, three thin-wall steel pipes of different diameters, suitcase locks, hinges and cloth bag — you can use sports either to sew for myself from leatherette or oilcloth.
The first step is to bend the duralumin sheet hull and the lid of the suitcase and cut four sides. Two of them with rivets and corners are attached to the cover and two hinges are screwed to the housing.
Then from steel sheet of 1.5 mm thickness are made of wheel plugs, the dimensions of which are determined by the dimensions of the used wheels. By the way, simple and reliable shoes truck work NZ a pair of hockey pucks. Each is drilled a Central hole which is tightly inserted hub — cut brass tube. Well, the fork wheels riveted to the sidewalls of the base.
Fig. 1.
Fig. 1. Diplomat-cart.
For the transformation of a small suitcase in a roomy wheeled shopping bag, you will need to open locks, remove the inside cloth bag, secure in the open position the housing halves with studs-spacers, discard the sides with wheels and pull handle.

The handle is best done from the PCB or vinyl plastic with a thickness of about 20 mm. To make it convenient to use and in working in the “suitcase” option, it is mounted on a telescopic rod, assembled from three incoming into each other steel pipes. If the ratio of the diameters of the pipes do not ensure backlash-free motion, penetrate each pipe from the bottom to the length 80-40 mm and slightly give tips. So they don’t fall out when moving, limit the departure of each movable pipe with its cable.
Fixing the handle on the case with a simple lock. For cleaning it should be slightly rotated while the screw head is fixed under it, is in the groove of the top panel of the housing; a reverse turn of the handle firmly establish it.
To “the diplomat” looked “at” your name, paste over it —inside and outside — faux leather or leatherette. Fork wheels color black nitroenamel, and tubes “telescope” is the easiest to be oxidized, heating them over the gas stove and wiping with vegetable oil.
Shortly after our meeting and I managed to make a truck. Making sure now in my own experience, the ease of its operation, I began to reflect: instead of whether to use this principle for improvement and other home appliances? Thus was born the stroller, as easily converted into the elegant suitcase.
Design of the stroller is a bit difficult. Beech boards thickness of about 20 mm were prepared of the side bars of the seat. Between these bars are connected by two steel tubes with outer Ø 20 mm. the other Two sides and the bottom cut out of plywood (you can take and hardboard). Each of the four wheels secured in the fork, bent from a steel strip of thickness 2.5 mm and welded steel tube Ø 20 mm. On the other side of the pipe is perpendicularly welded sleeve — cut steel pipe with inside Ø 20 mm. At the ends of the slotted retainer grooves.
R and p. 2. Stroller in the trunk.
R and S. 2. Stroller in the trunk.
To bring it into working condition, it is necessary to open the locks, turn the lid so that it could serve as a backrest to the seat-the base of the suitcase, to fasten limiting straps, discard the brackets of the wheel until it clicks, pull out the telescopic handle. “The crew” is ready to accept passenger.

To build a “chassis” for every pipe, of a seat mounted on two wheel bracket, put the springs and then the side bars, connecting them with studs M8 with nuts. Springs required for a constant axial squeezing of the bushings of the wheel brackets, so that their locking grooves are not out of control locking. The grooves themselves should be oriented to provide either working or folded position of the chassis.
The lid of the suitcase was collected from four beech beams and sheet of plywood (hardboard). Handle telescopic, only for her unlike the first suitcase will only need two incoming into each other knee.
Elegant appearance and convenience in everyday operation, provided finishing both halves of the case mentioned above.
Finally, the combined seat and back hinges, secured to the sides of the safety belts and the front wheel brackets — flip bandwagon.

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