SMOKER CLEANERAmong the many ways of handling and cooking fresh fish at home hot Smoking unjustly occupies one of last places. Although lovers to taste the “kopoushka” a lot, accompanying her cooking smoke seems to many an insurmountable obstacle to the application of this method in the conditions of city apartment.

The solution came unexpectedly. Once I got into the hands of the old cleaner Uralets with a metal | body. After minor alterations it turned into enough? large smoker equipped with a hose-chimney outlet! smoke directly into the vent; the kitchen or the window.
So, removing from the housing the motor, air filter and all the rubber gaskets, check the inlet in the lower part of the housing metal lid, filling it to the edge of the epoxy. Holes for engine mounts in the inner wall of the housing are closed by bolts.
In place of the engine with two studs set valve — aluminum disc of 1 mm thickness, cut to the diameter of the inner wall of the housing. At the ends of the pins protruding outward through holes in the top cap, screwed a cylindrical ebony secret. As for the studs inside the case worn springs, press disc down, the nut is always held tightly to the body and prevent leakage of smoke. This design provides for adjustment of the valve connecting the working cavity with an outlet.
1 — hose, 2 — ebony Adjuster Ganka valve, 3 — stud-valve, 4 — spring, 5 — valve, 6 — bolt, 7 — grate, 8 — cover the entrance hole, 9 — lubove filings, 10 — gas burner, 11 — top cover shell, 12 — housing 13 is sealing plate, 14 — washer 15 — nut.

At the bottom of the housing by means of an annular metal stand mounted grille, woven from steel wire Ø 1,5 mm.
To bring the smokehouse into action it is necessary to remove the lid and on the bottom put some oak sawdust. Prepared and salted fish put on the grill. Closing the lid, install a former cleaner on the hob and connect a hose to its outlet with ventilation.
After the beginning of the decay of sawdust valve [ should be slightly open, turning the ebony nut counterclockwise. If you open it enough, the smoke will seep through devoid of rubber seal joint casing with a lid.
Time of Smoking depends on the magnitude prigotavlivaya my fish within 15-50 min.
When finished, turn off the gas stove and fully opening the valve to release the remaining smoke in ventilation.

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