THE STAND OF THE REMNANTS OFA prudent owner, before commencing any thing, first think, how rationally manage the available material in the waste it left as little as possible. And yet without residues not do. But often they can be used in business. Offer to any piece of furniture made with your own hands – be it a wardrobe, bedside table, Desk or something else to make from the waste of used materials is simple, but original holders for lamps, flowers, statues and even phone.

Along with the main subject stand will look like a small furniture.

The dimensions of the parts of the stand depend on the available pieces — the remnants of furniture materials: strips of laminated hardboard (MDF) and pieces of “improved” DSP. Other materials: instead of hardboard — plywood, plastic and even cardboard instead of particle Board — cutting boards, furniture boards.


The approximate dimensions of the parts shown in the figures, but they can be changed. Only do this in proportion to suggest all the details, because I think that I have chosen the dimensions of the elements is optimal.

The stand consists of only a few parts, but those, possibly, unified: the same configuration and size and shelf base (only the last facet abruptly), and all the rack-sides are generally the same (fully aligned with each other when overlapping), and therefore are made in the package.

Shelf and base is made in the shape of a regular octagon, the average insert — square, and all figures are. It is also the stand width-side with its length of 750 mm, which corresponds to the height of a standard table.

The octagon can be obtained using known from the school course of geometry and plotting ways to divide the circumference into equal parts. One of them is to hold two mutually perpendicular diameter of the circle (the axis) and using 45-degree triangle to divide the bisectors of angles even in half. The point of intersection of the straight lines (axes and bisectors) with the circle and will represent the vertices of the angles of the octagon.


Stand (with an octagonal base n the square insert; B — hexagonal base and triangular insert)

Stand (with an octagonal base n the square insert; B — hexagonal base and triangular insert):

1 — base; 2 — front (laminated MDF, s4); 3 — screws with countersunk heads; 4 — insert; 5 — shelf; material of parts of 1,4,5 — laminated chipboard, s16

Another approximate method (although in practice it turns out to be the most accurate as it does not require interim builds) for counting the length of a side of the inscribed octagon (chord) through the radius using the formula L= 0,765 R.

The base is secured by countersunk screws to the lower ends of the struts, and their ends should be flush with the sole of the base. The height to which is attached to the insert rack (and the shelf), indicated on the drawings, although it can be changed at the discretion of the master or of the customer.

Such a stand can be made with other regular polygon for base, shelves and insets, such as hexagons and a triangle, deletepolicy and the Pentagon. This will change the number of racks.

The stand can be converted into an elegant lamp or a night light. For the first light source should be mounted at the top (on the shelf) and the second as a dim light bulb on the panel.


A. NORVATOV, Volsk, Saratov region.

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