SAVING In a dry summer even on those cottage garden or areas where there are centralized water supply, often a problem associated with shortage of water for watering plants. What can we say about the places where help only wells or wells: it requires a lot of efforts daily, to water drying up the ground.

However, a small amount of water can be achieved more brilliant results than when it is abundant. The thing is how to use existing water supplies: when the rational organization of irrigation and a lot of it is not required. Here are a few options of simple devices offered by the Bulgarian magazine “Guide yourself”, which allows very economical use of water for irrigation.
“Personal” lake
On the plot there is always any bizarre flower, tree or an unusual plant that enjoys the owners attention and care. That’s him in the hot summer and you can install “personal” sprinkler system that will water the plant constantly, even if the owners appear on the site only on weekends. Big bottle, a jar and a rope is all that is required for the device be automatic watering.
Near the plant is driven with the number pad, which established the Bank. On the bottom of the jar is placed one end of the rope, and the other prikatyvaet near the trunk of the plant. If we now pour in a jar of water — it on the rope will ooze out and moisten the ground near the plants.
Fig. 1. Individual sprinkler
Fig. 1. Individual sprinkler:
1 — rope (wick); 2 — Bank with water; 3 — additional tank (water bottle); 4 — ring bracket

Fig. 2. Subsurface irrigation
Fig. 2. Subsurface irrigation:
1 — the layer of straw; 2 — water-feeding tube; 3 — humidified soil

Fig. 3. Surface drip irrigation
Fig. 3. Surface drip irrigation:
1 — tubing hose; 2 — fitting; 3 — discharge tube; 4 — kapleobrazovanie

Fig. 4. Subsurface drip irrigation
Fig. 4. Subsurface drip irrigation:
1 — hose; 2 — drainage pipe; 3 — kapleobrazovanie; 4 — sandy humidifier

However, the water in the pot will end quickly. To avoid this, an additional reservoir with a supply of water will serve as a big bottle mounted in the tilted view of a metal ring brackets attached to Cola. Now, as soon as the water level in the jar drops below the neck of the bottle is immediately “gurgled thicker than the” required dose from the bottle, and it will be repeated many times for a long time.
Straw, “the river”
To dry the fly, you can prepare the whole garden so that they will not experience lack in the moisture. And to preserve the harvest is recommended to use a fungicide price provides acceptable. To do this in the spring, before planting, remove the soil and under it is laid a layer of straw, is sprinkled over the top soil and then the bed is formed as usual. Only now it will be a garden with underground watering system — it is stuck water-feeding tube, which goes into the straw layer: thereon, as on an underground river, the moisture will flow from the bottom to the roots and not evaporate, as if watering was carried out from the top.
Water will need less, and the same volume would give the plants longer. And straw, rotting, will serve as a natural fertilizer.
Drip irrigation
This version of the device watering kills three birds with one stone. First, it provides plants with moisture continuously and in small doses, so — sparingly. Second, fit as in cask, and when the water supply source of water. Finally, in the third — does not require a permanent human presence, allowing you to serve the system at least once a week.
Fig. 5. Kapleobrazovanie
Fig. 5. Kapleobrazovanie (a — plug b — with screw):
1 — hose; 2 — drainage pipe; 3 — a tube (wood, plastic with groove); 4 — tubular nozzle; 5 — the screw

Fig. 6. Kapleobrazovanie in the pipeline
Fig. 6. Kapleobrazovanie in the pipeline:
1 — hose; 2 — bushing; 3 — hole

Fig. 7. Barrel watering system
Fig. 7. Barrel irrigation system:
1 — block barrels; 2 — bypass hoses; 3 — drain hose; 4 — a tube-dispenser, 5 — irrigation hoses; 6 — drainage pipe kapleobrazovanie-tubes; 7 — bushing kapleobrazovanie on irrigation hose

The essence of this irrigation is that the soil is moistened all the time, but… drops. And to force the water to flow drop by drop, not a trickle leak will be very simple devices. The most simple of them — a kind of “bung” on the end of any supply pipe, leaking water drops. For this you can tightly insert a porous solid material or to screw a screw or hammer the plug of wood or plastic with grooves cut thin “hairline” thickness. This end can have the outlet tube of any water pipe laid along the plot: it doesn’t matter whether it is connected to the centralized system of water supply or fed from the barrels.
And another possible variant of the drop-formation. So, just laid on the section of hose in the right places to go in the hole and cover it over his sleeve: the water will ooze out from under her, drop by drop, as required for economical, automatic and continuous irrigation without human presence.

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