Have a shelf or drawer under the phone, of course, good. However, if the conversation is delayed, the easier it would be to continue his browsing. This opportunity is provided by universal combined sofa stool, offer home handyman Hungarian magazine “Earmaster”.
The sofa is convenient because in spite of the compact includes podele-honnou bedside table with four small drawers and upholstered stool with an additional shelf at the bottom, which can be, for example, footwear, if the sofa is placed in the hallway.

The design of the sofa is simple and affordable to manufacture their own even untrained artist, because it is designed to mostly use furniture Board or particle Board. The advantage of these materials is that in addition to the classic connect the parts of them using plug-in round thorns and glue (carpentry, casein or PVA) may be used screws or even long nails.

The basic design consists of four main planar parts: two sides, back, and bottom. Connected by studs or nails, they provide the necessary rigidity and allow mounting in the other elements. These include wall and cover the tables, seat and back of the bottoms. Their connection methods are shown.
You should pay special attention in the harvesting components of sofa-beds? Primarily on the thoroughness of their implementation and the ratio of sizes depends on the appearance of the finished design. So, for example, sides with a small notch at the top bevels look more advantageously, than if they were just rectangular. Moreover, the sidewall should be slightly above the back and the bevel is slightly higher than the tables.
Sofa bench
1 — side; 2 — seat; 3 — support bar seats (2); 4 — bottom; 5 — backup bottoms; 6 — wall; 7 — polyamine cross member (3 piece); 8 — guide bar (6 pieces); 9 — back; 10 — cover tables; 11 — the box (4 PCs); 12 nails; 13 — plug-in round thorns; 14 — slip drawer panel (4 PCs.); 15 — stick (4 pieces); 16 — drawer assembled on the screws

At the bottom of both sidewalls and the back-up of the bottom are cutouts, through which the corners are formed pseudoo*/. key sofa-beds.
Finally, another note regarding the issues of the overall design and appearance of the structure. Overhead decorative panels drawers cabinets should be fastened so that they were all in the same plane with the edges of the cover and polyadic-tions of the cross members and at the same time, some are recessed relative to the sidewall and the wall.
Before Assembly, all prepared items must be carefully handled (especially the edges) with sandpaper and varnished (if you used the chipboard, then painted with enamel paints).
Assembly it is advisable to start with the lower construction elements. The first bottom is attached to the backup, then they together to the back, and already for the block sidewall.
Separately prepared wall cabinets: screws or nails to fasten drawer runners, with push-studs— polyamine the crossmember and the cover. Further, this block is entirely connected with the right side of the sofa-beds, where their drawer runners. Yourself drawers of traditional design, with Shipov bonding.
It remains to attach the screws to the other side of the sofa and the wall installed at a support bar for the seat. It is imposed from above and is fixed by several nails. Seat for softness, put a foam or cotton mattress in a bag made of cloth or leather.

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