Good to have a small coffee or serving table, especially if it is still mobile. It would seem that it’s enough that he was on wheels. But in the version proposed by the Hungarian magazine “Earmaster”, table added another advantage — it is not just mobile, but also portable: it had a handle like basket. Moreover, in the working position of the table handle is not noticeable because it appears flush with the table top, and to transfer rises to the hinge the hinge is fixed and the rack limiter.

Interestingly, such a handle can be attached to the existing coffee table to add to the top appropriate framing of strips with loops.
As for making a portable table with a “zero” will not need much material — enough for two small panels made of furniture Board or particle Board, a few wooden planks the same thickness and four furniture wheels.
The panels form the top and bottom shelf. Between them a kind of skeleton embedded four legs, the ends of which join the top of two side bars and bottom two bars, as if lengthening the shelf on both sides. The fastening elements are plug-in round thorns on glue.
Portable table
Portable stage:
1 shelf; 2 – leg (4 PCs); 3 — trim the shelf (plank, 2); 4 — drawer side (2 PCs); 5 — edging countertops, fixed (plank, 3). 6 — spikes plug-in; 7 — the terminator (metal rake, 4-piece); 8 — edging countertops — handle (strap, 3 pieces); 9 top; 10 — a set of furniture wheels.

Bar countertops, too, as if usherette similar straps, but okanomiyaki it from all sides. However, only part of which is fixed on the spines; the largest, U-shaped, lies freely on the base, coupled with still only fortochnymi loops, and with top metal rack limiters: thanks to them, she performs in a raised state, the role of the handle.
Remains attached to the shelf bottom four furniture wheels and Assembly of the table is finished.
As for the finish, it may be different. The easiest way to perform the finishing operation in the case of the furniture Board use: their surface is just covered with lacquer and only the straps require additional sanding with sandpaper before varnishing or staining. If panels of chipboard, they after treatment the skin can etch the stain, and then varnish or just enamel paint, like planks (and other than the color).

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