THE TOWN OF TIRESFor the proposed universal physical campus, classes designed for both teenagers and adults, just a small free site (dimensions 5×5 m), where you can install 8 — 15 shells made independently from abundant materials (waste tires, dismantled metal pipes, rails, concrete pillars, scraps of cables).
In this town the shells, it is preferable to place the compact that will enhance the effectiveness of training, will relieve us of unnecessary trampling of green areas. Around the site it is advisable to plant a hedge of trees and shrubs that will create additional facilities for training, the greens will have a positive psychological impact on dealing, protects from sun, wind and dust.

Collecting end-of-life tyres, can be manufactured from different sports equipment and fitness equipment. The rubber tread with steel ring — ready elastic element (resistance to stretch and compression) that are suitable for a variety of elastic devices, such as hand and foot correctors. Separate strips of the tread part are useful as the flexible support in order to do the exercises sitting or lying on the stomach.

Offer readers a choice of a number of designs of simple shells for the manufacture and installation on the sports ground.

Figure 1 shows supple gymnastic horse without handles, the body of which is a segment of old tires from the truck. The segment is mounted on two wooden posts with wire staples passed through the hole in the tire and the uprights dug into the ground and strengthened through compaction of gravel or rubble in cement mortar (all subsequent shells to be firmly fixed in the soil in a similar way).

Fig. 1. Pommel horse (no handles reference) consisting of the segment of truck tyres

Fig. 1. Pommel horse (no handles reference) consisting of the segment of truck tyres:

1—bearing (water pipe, 2 PCs.);
2—segment truck tires; 3—clip wire-tie (2 PCs.)
A—method of cutting tires with a hacksaw and inserted inside wood logs

This horse allows you to perform core exercises. In case of brief morning exercises thanks to its elastic surface, it is possible to train the muscles of the arms, legs, back, abdomen, exercise General developmental exercises.


After a sufficient warm-up in the process of the longer classes the horse will perform and the traditional gymnastics — handstand, centrifugal and rotational motion of the legs, retention of the angle in the upper arm, base jumps and other challenging exercises.

A simple “traction” shell to build muscle (Fig.2) includes a driven rack, the top of which is fixed a tube through her stretched rope or nylon rope, tied one end to the lid and into the handle. The dimensions of the arm must be large enough to grip with two hands for the voltage (loaded). During lowering of the load, the muscles relax and the phase of their vacation. At the initial stage perform strength exercises keep the muscles in the resting phase were in a relaxed state. In case of detection of residual tension in the muscles need to stretch, relax them, and if this fails to increase the rest time between exercises or change them. On one lesson it is not recommended to run more than 5 — 6 attempts to resolve, after a good workout.

Fig. 2. Shell for muscle building

Fig. 2. Shell for muscle building:

1—rack (wooden pole or timber with a cross section of 600×600 mm) 2—handle (a section of rubber hose); 3—steel wire rope; 4—cross member (metal pipe); 5—tire from truck; 6—clamp

Figure 3 shows the simplest expander, containing mounted on a tubular stand with bolts or wire twists from sawn half bad tyre. In the sidewalls of the tires of the holes cut by the hand or arm is fixed with coils of tape or wire in the cavity of the tire. Due to the large elasticity of the protective part and steel ring when using tires as a resistor element required considerable effort for flexion or extension of a homemade expander.

Fig. 3. Expander

Fig. 3. Expander:

1 — the tire of a car; 2 —handle; 3 — bolt fastener; 4 — stand (metal pipe)

With pressure on the expander with two hands (from a standing position, feet apart, face-to-projectile) loaded muscles-extensors of the hands and the flexors of the abdomen, and the stretching of the expander — flexors of arms and extensors of the back. To vary the exercises by performing them in a sitting position, lying down, back to the projectile. For example, you can first do 8 — 10 grips, expander, each movement increasing the efforts and aligning them with the vibrations of the elastic ring to relax a bit and do the same stretching expander. Then, alternating between exercises, repeat 2 — 3 times.

The more complex the projectile (Fig.4) designed for a wide range of exercises. It contains two stands with a crossbar on which the through holes in the sides and sliding tolocka suspended (with oscillation) two tires disposed of with attached cables, the free ends of which are arms. For this projectile using heavy tires from trucks capable of rocking movements to provide more powerful resistance to the rocking.

Fig. 4. Universal shell for strength exercises

Fig. 4. Universal shell for strength exercises:

1 —front (wooden rail 700×700 mm); 2—cross-bar (water pipe); 3—stops (rubber washer); 4 — tire (from truck, 2pcs); 5—rope (2 pieces); 6—handles (pieces of hose)

When you pull the handle for each cable transfers asymmetrically suspended tyre out of balance in of rocking motion with amplitude proportional to the magnitude of the applied efforts. To maintain a rhythmic oscillation of both goods requires the timely replenishment of effort (should be made only when the rocking motion is directed toward the student, and not from him). In case of discrepancy of directions and efforts of the amplitude of the oscillation decreases due to damping of the stored energy.

Accordingly, for the successful continuation of exercises in the maintenance of rhythmic swings of both goods requires a constant redistribution of attention and timely efforts. Such exercises are interesting to the majority of practitioners, as they contribute to the improvement of the physical and rhythmic qualities in the complex.

More difficult exercises on this apparatus are possible by relying on both arms legs and hands grip the sidewall of the tires. However, due to the instability of the slightest movement of the engaged flush them out of balance, to return to from which they need maximum muscle tension throughout the body. The result is spent a lot of energy (which, incidentally, contributes to fairly rapid weight loss).

Fig. 5. Shell-opposed

Fig. 5. Shell-opposed “push-Pull” (one side up, press down):

1 —handle; 2—lever (water pipe); 3 — rack (water pipe, 2 PCs); 4—axis-hinge (metal rod); 5—pin-limiter (adjustable)

Master the exercise at the projectile immediately, but as you gain some dexterity and strength and hung on her through holes in the sidewalls. By moving the tube in the guides and suspension spare tire cargo management is accessible and safe for all involved. It is possible to raise more weight by adding side tires, as in the exercises with a traditional barbell. After “taking the weight” fall of the tires does not cause such a strong noise. In addition, the rails prevent “pull” tubes along with the tires, limiting the movement of the barbell strictly vertical. Thereby the amplitude of the movements of the simulator differs from traditional exercises with a barbell that can only move up to an e-shaped trajectory, avoiding the knees bent. Exercises on shell safe, the cargo can be moved to great heights, to use available weight, adjusting its size or the amount of suspended tires.

The cargo can be sent directly upward jerk of his hands and push feet first, or take the chest, and then push it up. Exercises with the maximum weight of cargo is performed after sufficient warm up, while doing no more than 4 — 6 sets for one class, and each approach the cargo lift no more than once. All subsequent approaches to the simulator should be performed after additional rest, when you feel the ability to lift the load as fast as in the previous approach.

Fig. 6.

Fig. 6. Soft rod:

1—the vulture (pipe 3/4″); 2—arc-shaped guide rail stand (pipe 3/4″); 3—bus from a passenger car

For local effects on individual muscles of the body from the supine position on the bench to lift the load only by hand and leaving on the pipe a minimum number of tires and taking position legs apart with pressed against the abdomen with the elbows, raise the load only due to the efforts of the muscles of the forearms.

A fairly simple power shell performing the functions of a dumbbell, illustrated in figure 7. It contains parallel rack supports on the sides that hold a large tire of a truck freely mounted through holes in its side walls for the rack. Exercises on this apparatus can be still more safe, and affordable thanks to the side lugs, while the load can be moved up and down to lower the effort of the whole body or hands, torso and legs when lying on the bench. Because of the slow moving tires on racks (due to the large friction of the rubber holes) on this shell, it is advisable to develop strength endurance by performing multiple approaches at the end of class with the continuation of exercises to severe fatigue, and rest between sets may be incomplete.

Fig. 7. Ring handles, horizontaliai

Fig. 7. Ring handles, horizontaliai:



1 — U-shape stand (pipe 3/4″); 2—stops (Trestikova); 3 — tire

The next shell (Fig. 8) it is possible to compare loads with the weight. It contains a large tire, the axial hole of which is sufficient for the passage of the body involved. Tyre lies between the pillars, on which it is freely mounted through holes in the sides that have more and the cut provides a passage for brush grip for working in a steel ring.

Fig. 8. Ring

Fig. 8. Ring “weight”:



1—U-shaped strut-a guide (water pipe 3/4″); 2—tire from the truck; 3 slits for the arms

On the projectile mostly thrust load to the level of the knees or the waist, and the cargo is available to move only when included in the work of all major muscles of the body. These powerful exercises help to improve the overall strength.

The above-described shells is enough to ensure that power training physical exercises. The manufacture of such of the simplest designs available to a large part of the population, it does not require substantial material costs, though their manufacture have to work hard.

All the elements of the shells it is desirable to paint better in different light colors that will enhance the positive emotions involved in the exercise.

GERASIMENKO, Alma-ATA, Kazakhstan

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