THE TRUNK ON THE UAZMy friend Valeria was a nuisance – the new krysheval the trunk, purchased in the showroom together with the car UAZ Hunter, crumbled after the first fishing trip! Not going home, Valery got rid of this “wreck” in my Studio with the words: “please, please, when you have time!” After a few days I inspected it found it to be full of stupidity. It was the trunk of a collapsible design made of rectangular and square pipes. His ears side pillars made of sheet steel only mm thickness.

The arrangement of the tubes of the Luggage area – longitudinal-transverse, fixed together by bolts M10 through the main cross beam that absolutely have weakened them. The bearings of the transverse beams was wider than the attachment points to the roof of the Oise by as much as 20 mm.
In the process of disassembling the rack the parts came the necessity of a complete alteration of engineered welded in…
To do this, cut off all the tubes welded to the threaded sleeve and align the pipes. Then gathered first welded “tacks” of the standard parts of the support cross beam with racks, stand size between the last 1520 mm, and finally prevail seams. The received beams combined spars and accurately adjusted the Squareness of the framing (or Foundation) of the future trunk “diagonals”, welded one to the other. Having strictly rectangular piping between welded beams and additional cross member, and along, in the middle between these elements, also by welding installed the spacers.
Reconstructed krysheval the trunk of the Oise
The reconstructed krysheval the trunk of the Oise:
1 – extreme support cross beam (pipe 40x20x2,2); 2 – medium support cross beam (pipe 40x20x2); 3 – additional cross member (tube 20x20x2,2); 4 – spar (tube 20x20x2,2); 5 – spacer (tube 20x20x2,4-piece); 6 — inclined bearing (tube 40x20x2, 6 PCs); 7 – vertical mounting (pipe 40x20x2,6 PCs); 8 – high side Board (tube 20x20x2, 2); 9 — slant front high side (tube 20x20x2, 2); 10 – low side Board (tube 20x20x2, 2); 11 – inclined front low side (tube 20x20x2, 2); 12 – tailgate (tube 20x20x2); 13 – rear rack (tube 20x20x2,3). 14, 15, 16 – bolt M10 flat and spring washers (6 sets); 17 – support rod (round 5,6 PCs.); 18 – threaded bushing M10 (round 16, 6 PCs); 19 – clamp (steel sheet s3,6 PCs.)

Side and rear bumpers made from suitable pieces of purchase “designer”. To the tapered ends of the uprights welded to the side support bars. After the final. all seams produced by the finishing the straightening of the frame and smoothed the welds. Clips without alteration, however, they can be done independently.
In the end, a new trunk would have to first cover the grey primer, and then paint with silver paint, but it took the master himself, therefore, “photos” trunk sealed without coating.
Finishing her story, I want to note that to produce such a trunk of the new pipes is much easier than to restore the industrial. To this end, and cite the drawings.

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