TUBE It is known that when shooting digital cameras-cameras in bright light on the screens displays almost nothing is visible, especially outside in Sunny weather. To protect the screen from excessive light, I made for your camera the dark “shaft-box”, and for convenience are provided with a triple lens magnifier with diopter sights.

The box can be soldered from the foil fiberglass, but it is better to use the focus attachment to the camera, “fireworks” (those were sold out). You can try to make a foldable “mine” with a folding magnifying glass, which has a small size (like a camera “Amateur”), but this will require a lot of patience and certain skills of work with metal.
The box is”mine” is mounted on the rear wall, an l-shaped bracket, made of annealed duralumin plate thickness of 3-4 mm. bracket Design is so simple that it is clear from the photos. I will not give and the size of bracket and holes in it – they must match the dimensions of your camera.
Compact camera with a cover of the display from bright light box-
Compact camera with a cover of the display from bright light box-“mine”
Console mount boxes-
Console mount boxes-“mine” with triple magnifier with diopter adjustment
In a vertical shelf bracket is cut a rectangular window the size of the screen of the camera, and the frame drilled holes for mounting to the bracket “mine”.
In the horizontal shelf bracket to the side distracting “UCLA” – deaf nest-shaped recess, in the centre of which is drilled a hole with a diameter of 1/4″ for screwing the bracket to a tripod. If tripod use is not assumed, the groove with a hole for you to perform. But same diameter hole 1/4″ in the middle of the shelf to fulfil a need – through the bracket with the “mine” is attached to the camera. I can’t say whether all snapshot cameras suitable for this purpose, the screw from the camera “Change”, but to my came it. Side of both flanges of the bracket, facing the camera, pasted suede.

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