WOODEN LACE OF LIGHTTo get out of the closet was an abandoned jig saw for cutting wood you will make, we are sure depicted in these figures are delicate fixtures. Like lace, they delight the eye with their patterns and fit well into a modern interior. This lamp will decorate the hall, but dining room, kitchen, office, nursery, bedroom — any room where it will blend perfectly with furniture. A similar shade attracts with its originality and practicality: it will never be broken, and the material for its production is readily available is any seasoned plywood.

If you decide to make such a patterned “ceiling”, move on the paper or directly on a sheet of plywood placed here “patterns”, increasing them as you wish, and then use the jigsaw. Every detail is carefully cut and Polish with sandpaper and coat with lacquer; you can pre-soak the stain.
The Assembly will not present difficulty if the perforation was carried out in accordance with the “pattern” — because the lamp is going on thorns, tightly included in the marked holes.
Wood lamp-sconce
Wooden lamp bras.
An example of a design table lamps
Example of a table lamp.
Sample solution wall lamp.
Sample solution wall lamp.
Trehrozhkovye ceiling chandelier made of cut plywood
Trehrozhkovye ceiling chandelier made of cut plywood.
“Pattern” parts for trehrozhkovye sconces and chandeliers.
Having the skills to work with a jigsaw and possessing artistic taste, you can improvise with patterns and design, receiving a variety of lighting fixtures.
According to the magazine “Earmaster” (Hungary)

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