THEN JUST A WARDROBE, DESK WITH CUPBOARDIn our small apartment and the kitchen is small: only 6 m2. Not really much to go, but there is also a need in the dining table because the kitchen in our conditions, multifunction room, including a dining room. But standard store table, even folding, I’ll take the last meters. The way out is to make it yourself.The main task posed this to me, is to develop a design that would meet several essential requirements: ease during meals; compact size at its end, that is, the ability to develop; at the same time be a container for kitchen utensils.

What and how did you implement can be seen from the drawings. The table top in the tilted view is spacious enough, and in the lowered state covers a rather large wardrobe. The latter is close to the wall (we have no radiators in the kitchen), so it is cool — and it means that you not only utensils to place, but also to store food, homemade, jam-pickles.
Form countertops can be, of course, different; but our allows you to conveniently place behind her five. And remove or raise and set the flip cover is not required and minutes thanks to its simple but, as practice has shown, effective design of the folding legs.
For making table-Cabinet was used sheets of particle Board, plywood, pieces of wood and fasteners. Immediately say, that wishing to repeat the design will inevitably make their own adjustments, and rightly so: the conditions, opportunities and materials can be different for everyone. And I, for example, the top panel cover of the cupboard — thicker fit her folding table top because I used a ready in the back of the bed.
All Assembly operations begin with the wardrobe. Its basic part consists of two vertical posts and front panel, which are connected to each other at the bottom two bars on the tenons and glue (PVA, wood, casein), and put them together at the top of the panel cover. Mounting metal corners; with their help vertical uprights are mounted to the wall. Between the uprights and on the inside front panels are installed slats-crossmember — support internal shelves made of plywood. Top panel cover, name clip angles, at the wall corners of the grooves (selected by a chisel) under the spikes in the upper ends of the uprights. In conclusion, on both sides of the wardrobe are mounted on uprights of the door — fortochnyh or piano hinges. In the same way with the panel cover connect the tabletop. In the figure, furthermore, shows the method of fastening the folding legs the table top. Their design is simple and reliable.
Fig. 1. A table-case in working position
Fig. 1. A table-case in the working position.
Fig. 2. The main elements of the wardrobe
Fig. 2. The main elements of the Cabinet:
1 — top panel cover 2 — front panel 3 — mounting angles, 4 internal shelves, 5 — lower bars of the frame 6, a vertical front frame, 7 — spike connector, 8 — groove under the tongue.
Fig. 3. Tabletop legs Assembly
Fig. 3. Tabletop legs Assembly:
1 — panel telenity , 2 — leg, 3 — leg mounting wedge, 4 — loop, 5 — locking bolt, 6 — retaining clip (area), 7 —loop fasteners to the lid of the Cabinet.
Fig. 4. The site fixation of the leg in the operating position
Fig. 4. The site fixation of the leg in operating position:
1 — leg, 2 — mounting wedge, 3 — retaining clip 4 — retaining bolt 5 — long nut-lamb.

In the upper end of the legs sawed a groove into which then on glue and screws inserted wedge-Widener: to him and the countertop is screwed a connecting loop, through which the leg can be easily removed when folding the table top. For reliable locking in the folded position of the leg is missed through her wedge bolt M5 incoming from the opposite side into the groove of the metal bracket fixed on the tabletop. Together, they fixed the wing nut holding the stem in position.
I deliberately do not give detailed dimensions of the structure elements, only approximate the overall the overall appearance — all of them will depend on your specific conditions. An important principle approach to the solution design. Additional recommendations for the production we need only to stress that the top panel cover of the locker should hang over the vertical front panel — so, how long will it take for the thickness of the folded leg. In this case, the countertop will be free to drop down and not puff up your legs.
Similarly, don’t abuse the height of the countertop (omitted): it is better if it is an inch the other will not reach the floor. Generally, it is advisable not to bring the countertop to the floor to the height of the plinth, so as not to spoil her when sweeping the floor or wet it cleaning.
And another obligatory reminder: if the design will be used chipboard — their ecological requirements should be painted with enamel paints or varnished in several layers with intermediate drying quality.
Almost all components shall be thoroughly treated and painted at the stage of blanks. The same applies I n the details of metal fastener then they will not corrode.
If possible, the outer surface of the panel cover Cabinet and table tops should be covered with a thin sheet of plastic, usually used for kitchen furniture. Now this material can often be found in shops or on the bases of building materials. For this the surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned with emery cloth and degreased. For gluing, apply special postmark (in accordance with the packaging guidelines), glue “Bustilat” or PVA. The main thing — to provide quality packing plastic and sufficient uniform pressure to the drying period (all this is done, of course, to assemble the structure).
V. ANTIPAS, teacher

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