TIME TO REFURBISH THE WINDOWSIn a city apartment, a dacha and in a garden house wooden window frames periodically require ponovleniya & painting, glass — coating or replacement if cracked or broken. All of this is easy to perform on their own, with our recommendations (on materials of foreign seal). If the window places the paint was peeling or inflated, do not rush to re-paint, first prepare the surface.

First of all all the defect locations carefully obderite a sharp metal spatula (spatula) or with a knife to remove loose or crumbling sections of the old paint (Fig.1A). These places are clean with emery paper and then using a paint brush apply the varnish (B).

Dried the surface, align the filler, causing it smooth a thin layer of rubber or metal trowel (In). Puttied up areas allow to dry and then sand them with sandpaper on a wooden clasp (G).
Clearing the treated surfaces from dust, paint (E) zinc or titanium white in oil, preferably in several layers with intermediate drying for the time recommended on the packaging of paint.
If the window glass is broken, then change it to the color of the frame. It is better to purchase ready glass in the window size, rather than risk winging it on their own. However, if all it took to reduce it to Italy, do it on a flat table with a ruler, taking the glass cutter with light pressure to hear the “subtle” crunch. The cut off part gently break off the edge of the table (Fig.2A) of the pliers so as not to injure the hand. Nothing, if the severed strip will not break away entirely — of small remnants of it can be “scrosati” grooves of the glass cutter or the pliers, then cleaning a whetstone abrasive (B).
Update the window frame
Fig.1. Update the window frame:
A — roughing trowel paint; B — treatment with linseed oil protected plots; — putty irregularities on the surfaces of the frame; G — sanding oshpaklevana; D—the final color of the prepared surfaces of a frame

Training glasses
Fig.2. Preparation of the glass:
A — breaking crop; B – edge trimming with an emery stone

Attachment of the glass to the frame
Fig.3. Attachment of the glass to the frame
A – nails; – coating; – correct installation of the glass; G – fastening bead
The sealing of the window frame in a box
Fig.4. The sealing of the window frame in a box
Carefully insert the glass into the frame and secure in one of two ways: by nails or thin strips — bead.
For the first method, there are special glazing nails in the form of a right triangle. They clog easy with a hammer (Fig.OVER) or the edge of a wide chisel. The nail, the triangle should be pressed against the glass not the plane, but only the edge — “the leg” (Fig.THIS); then when driving it will draw the glass to the frame. Ordinary small nails hammer movements along the glass (otherwise it will break).
After fixing the glass, apply it on the edge of the putty knife blade (Fig.BV) or a wide chisel. For greater airtightness, the glass can be put on a thin layer of putty pre-applied to the frame. Do, when fixing the second method of glass — bead. Thin strips press firmly to glass and conventional nail small nails (Fig.ZG).
Remains carefully ospace-VAT beadings — and you can paint the frame. To the glass is not dirty, stick it on with soapy water protective strip of paper.
The final operation — the restoration of the tightness of the sealing box window (Fig.4).

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