To repair shoes at home usually resort to the help of sewing, as the needle, even the colon, cannot cope: it is not easy to pierce hard material, it is difficult to push a needle, and it breaks often. In addition, in inconvenient locations, especially in the toe shoes, no needle turn, no procnotice. Here the awl is not much of an icebreaker: pierces it easily, but then how to thread the thread into the hole? Again called to the aid of a needle, but the difficulties already mentioned.

Therefore, the craftsmen are more effective devices for the repair of footwear. Offer two of them submitted by readers of the magazine.
I propose to make a special linking tool using a regular sewing needle No. 120-150. The needle must be secured, like the awl, wooden handle, in which you need to choose the hole under the spool and thread (sewing machine). The axis of rotation of the spool — wood screw. From spontaneous unwinding of the spool keep the brake strip at the bottom of the hole and the spring.
Odevaetsya thread the needle as usual. Thanks to the handle in such a fixture is not difficult to pierce any thick and dense Shoe material. In the formed thread loop auxiliary needle is threaded and the other, wrong thread. This forms a seam, not inferior in strength to the machine.
Pain needle


1 — needle (sewing machines); 2 — thread; 3 — o-ring handle; 4 — brake lining; 5 — spool (sewing machine); 6 — axis (screw); 7 — brake spring; 8 — the screw of fastening of a spring; 9 — wooden handle When you need to restore the stitched sole, open seam leather garments, hemming boots, often use an awl with a hook on the end. However, compared to the needle, the awl does, unfortunately, a much larger hole, and the hook in its return movement often tears the material.
Schema matching
Scheme linkage:
1 — the handle; 2 — needle; 3 — material; 4 — hinge; 5 — auxiliary needle; 6 — wrong thread


I want to share my experience — as appropriate to shoes, boots, boots. The experience I gained when I was redoing the boots. I sewed the boot in tight wear thick needle from a medical syringe with the use of fishing line — it is stronger and more durable threads. After pierced boots, inside it found the tip of the needle and introduced into its channel line (to do so with a soft thread is unlikely to be possible). Had to remove the needle and pull the fishing line — thus was laid the beginning stitch.


Sewing without sewing

Sewing without sewing:
1 — boot; 2 — needle (medical syringe); 3 — line; 4 — the tangle

A. RUZANOV, G. K o R o l e in Moscow.

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