MATCHED CHAIRSIn country furnishing commonly used A-shaped (in profile) folding chairs: they are comfortable, reliable, easy to carry. But for a full set of them requires the same folding table. We offer German magazine “Cultures und Heim” table could not be better coordinated with these chairs: it is also foldable, is based on the two sliding supports, which consist of a framework of connected card loops. Frames are knocked together or are assembled from wooden planks with cross section of 50×25 mm.

In the extended position, the support table are recorded in a restrictive cord or folding metal screed.
Folding prop table
Folding prop table:
1 — mesh; 2 — dowel; 3 — groove deaf; 4 — tongue; 5 — foldable screed; 6 — top.

All parts are painted before Assembly white or colored enamel. The top can be from a single sheet of plywood 12 mm thick, particleboard or wooden slats in the form of Assembly of the shield.

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