TRICKY BOLTIn carrying out various construction works it is often necessary to install and mount on wall panels are quite large and heavy products, devices and other structural elements. In everyday life such problems also occur from time to time, for example, when mounting kitchen or bookshelves, when attaching water or gas pipes, etc.

If the wall of capital, to solve these problems is quite simple with the embedded bolts (in construction) or dowels of appropriate size. But not always. Many owners of garden plots to be constructed according to them the construction of the switchboard type, and in city apartments often between rooms no walls, and partitions. They are the same as panel design houses have, as a rule, thin double sided hull and narrow listenbee space. To mount such partitions heavy hinged design easy: cage bolts and dowels will not help, and to pass the fastener through two plating often not possible.
Here for such cases, and it is shown in the figure, the modified bolt with a movable prop-head. He has a simple construction, and to make it pretty simple even at home, having a hacksaw and a power drill.
Mount heavy hinged structures on thin-walled partition panel of the type
Mount heavy hinged structures on thin-walled partition panel of the type:
a — short shoulder plate put in the groove of the threaded rod, b — rod to the plate are introduced into the hole in the casing wall; the plate rests on the lining inside, the hinged structure is fastened to the wall; 1 — covering of a wall; 2 — the focus-head; 3 — axis stop-head; 4 — threaded rod; 5 — carried design; 6 — washer; 7 — nut

Does the segment of the rod of the appropriate diameter (d = M) and with one hand threaded M, and on the other propisyvaetsya longitudinal groove length b/2+C+(2…3) mm and a width f. In this groove is fixed on the axis of the plate width b = d, the length of the plate shall not be greater than the inside distance between the casing walls. The hole for the axle in the plate divides it into two unequal shoulder: and=+(5…10) mm. due to this, the center of gravity of the plate is located on the shoulder “a”, which ensures its rotation down the vertical location of the groove.
Mount the hinged design is as follows. In the casing wall in the appropriate place drilled hole of diameter M+1 mm. Short arm of the “C” plate (the stop-heads) is put into the groove of the threaded rod and long shoulder forward is inserted into the opening, wherein the groove to be retained in a vertical position. After a short stop shoulder-head will pass through the casing wall, long shoulder drops down and the plate takes the vertical position. Further, the rod for the thread tightened in the opposite direction to contact the stop-head with the inner side of the casing wall. Then the rod is carefully (so as not to push him through the wall) installs fixed design and tighten the nut with spring washer. If the threaded part of the shaft substantially protrudes from the nut, the end bolts can be cut by the place to not interfere.
S. CHERENKOV, Saint-Petersburg

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