VERANDA ON THE UPPER BALCONYFor most Russians the prospect of improving housing conditions is very slim. Therefore, in the existing apartments have to equip the corridors and corners (if any) of all kinds of mezzanines. But if all reserves are exhausted? There is still… a balcony.
It can be turned into a porch. It is not so difficult when the apartment is located on the top floor. Then each balcony located at the top — this is roof for those below. Here, frame set and glaze it — no problem. And if the floor is the last? Not everyone dares to erect the roof on this floor. The most difficult element of the veranda in this case node pendants of the roof.

To make a verandah in several stages. The initial of them, of course, the roof. The easiest way to hang it on the hinges, as shown in figure 1. To start — with the vertical supports (1), fastened to the wall of the house. First you should determine the height (h) and angle (alpha) of the roof slope (Fig. 1,3).


Having made the vertical supports, you should drill holes in them (two is enough) for the screws securing the support to the wall so that the top hole was at the height of the arm. Then through them we should mark the place and drill the holes in the wall for the dowels and attach the supports. In the upper part of both support connecting bar (5) which will perform the role of longitudinal poles for the roof. A little lower on the poles to fasten the hinges (7) (it is advisable to purchase kletochnye, with extended and narrow parts (cards) that will be connected to the roof frame.

This solution gives the opportunity to collect the roof separately, and then to raise it on its hinges and resting on the front frame, which is also collected separately and installed on the balcony railing when climbing the roof.

For the roof frame (see Fig.S) enough two transverse (2) and as many longitudinal bars (4). Roof (8) can be made of sheet metal (preferably corrugated), or of plastic PVC panels with a width of 250 mm, which can be purchased at almost any store building materials. They are lightweight, durable, does not rust, is conveniently attached to the longitudinal bars by means of screws. As a third came down is the beam (5) connecting the upper ends of the vertical supports, with whom he has a corresponding bevel under the roof. Before the final ascent of the roof of this place is filled with foam to seal the junction of the roof and walls.

Fig. 1. The connection node of the roof and vertical supports

Fig. 1. The connection node of the roof and the vertical supports:

1—vertical support of the roof; 2—cross bar of roof frame; 3—side wood panel on a balcony railing; 4—longitudinal bars of the shed roof; 5—bar connecting the vertical supports; 6—groove in the vertical support of the roof under the map kletochnoi loop; 7—ka-letochka loop; 8—roofing of the roof.
The size of—the place.


Fig. 2. Side frame

Fig. 2. Side frame

Fig. 3. The roof frame for balcony

Fig. 3. The roof frame for balcony


The finished roof is hung on hinges. Made trial ascents it — to check the junction of the roof with the wall, as well as to determine the required height of the uprights supporting the front of the frame. The latter runs as a normal window, with two opening and two blind doors (depending on the length of the balcony). Frame manufactured and assembled separately and installed on a balcony railing when climbing the roof, with the final attachment to her and the balcony. Between the wall supports the roof and front frame covers are installed side frames (Fig.2). To make the frame can be of any structural material. The author prefers to work with wood, which is considered an ideal building material. Therefore, parts of the frame are recommended bruski section 40×40 mm 40×50 mm. On all frames in the appropriate places nailed beadings under the subsequent glazing.

Having made all the wooden parts should be impregnated, for example, “PI-noteks” or paint for durability.

For the conversion of the balcony into a veranda, which remains positive temperatures with a light frost in the winter, it is necessary to manufacture glazing and the second (removable) side frame, the front frame with opening Windows, and sheathing the bottom of the balcony on the perimeter, not forgetting about the floor.


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