At this garden you can grow vegetable and herbs, and flowers. The original design will be not only useful, but also decorate the balcony.
The device may beds suggested by the shape of stairs. Anyway, it looks like the base of the structure, attached to the wall: two vertical boards with filled, like steps, rungs. On them — a cascade of plant boxes.

Most interesting is that the boxes are not fixed, they are removable. How do they stay on the “ladder”? Thanks to a little secret in their design.
In appearance the boxes as the boxes. That’s just to the rear of their more attached plate size just above the wall—it performs the function of a kind of bracket. This free mount allows you if necessary at any time to remove the boxes for plantings or swap them.
Constantly filled with moist earth, wooden boxes are long, so it is advisable to insert a suitable size of plastic liner or simply covered inside film.
Mount ladder to wall
Harness system for flower boxes
Suspension system for flower boxes:
1 — strut “stairs”; 2— “step”; 3 — wooden box; 4 — bracket; 5 — plastic spacer

Preparing hanging shelves
Training hanging shelves:
1 — metal hooks; 2 — wooden blocks

The staircase-like holder allows you to install not only the boxes and shelves, for example, to potted flowers or decorative ornaments. To do this, in the back shelves are metal hooks that cling to the “step” and below, indented from the back edge of the shelves on the thickness of the “step”, attached triangular stops.
For fixing the “stairs” to the wall in the last drilled hole, then attached a plastic or wooden dowels into which are threaded screws passing through the struts of the ladder.
The whole composition will look much more advantageous if all the wooden parts and the boxes painted with oil paints — the same or different, but matching colors.
According to the magazine “Earmaster” (Hungary)


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