WALL - PANTRYIn a modern apartment in downtown, it would seem, are designed to create maximum comfort for living, only storage equipment for perishable products is the refrigerator. Do not say anything — in recent years their capacity has increased significantly, but not all are edible goods require freezing or close to it temperature. In most cases, enough that it was just below room.
In old buildings the kitchen under the window is often provided for special quiche with doors and openings to the outside through them, creating a closet essential coolness crept in off the street the cold air. In subsequent projects from such niches refused, without offering anything in return. Here and there were to many Windows motley^ homemade hanging boxes, disfiguring of the building. However, it is possible in this situation to find a way more reasonable!
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Referring to the wall as a wall, although it is clear that homemade such for kitchens industry does not produce. To make such everyone can. And when he finds out her feature — sure: not only can, but want to. Because it cooled: connected by ducts with the outdoors. Ka despite the fact that the Cabinet depth is small — about 420 mm. the total capacity of the it turned out like a good pantry: holds a large stock of potatoes and other vegetables, all Alecia-jam nd even kitchen utensils.
Fig. 1. Wall-pantry for kitchen
Fig. 1. Wall-pantry in the kitchen:
1 — the wall of the loggia, 2 — a decorative lattice of slits 3, 4 — air ducts, 5 — casing, 6 — air channel, 7 — door, 8 — holes, 9 — frame, 10 — frame back.

The wall consists of four tiers. The bottom — solid, without doors. This is a vegetable drawer. Underneath its perforated or meshed bottom — horizontal air pooped, connected to the right vertical. Wall and top of drawer — double, with filling (foam plastic, foam rubber, mineral wool) for insulation; with the same purpose, and both the hatch behind the doors of the second layer, covered with lids.
The level of the second tier depends on the height adjacent to the wall of the kitchen table, that is approximately equal to 750 mm. Between the two closed compartments-shelves decorative niche here left, which is a part or continuation of the table, which creates additional convenience. In a niche, you can put a vase, a carafe, to stack Cutlery. Behind the doors of both compartments of this layer, otkrytiyami hatches, placing just easily take out the items. Do not think that there is some over-complication: access to the box through the door and even hatches with lids. Isn’t it easier to recline the front quarter panel! A that applied the scheme prevents the filling of the box with warm air when opened, and for the preservation of vegetables it is very important to maintain a constant temperature.
R and p. 2. Front frame frame:
R and S. 2. Frame front frame:
1 — upper thrust beam, 2 vertical beam-cross, 3 — horizontal bar, 4 — resistant bottom rail, 5 — the intermediate vertical rail.

The compartments of the third tier have an additional shelf that allows you to put the bottom three-liter jars, and the top — those that are smaller. Some Housewives do not recognize the large glass containers that case it is better to install two shelves to consume the amount.
This refers to the right half of the upper tier.
In the left half of the shelves there: here have some of the large kitchen items: pots, basins, bowls.
R and p. 3. Rear frame
R and S. 3. Rear frame:
1 — horizontal bars 2 intermediate the vertical, 3 — beam stand.

The main advantage of stecci-the pantry is in the ventilation system. Cold air enters the crack, done in side the front door or window boxes, which passes into the duct, bending angle in the wall and running to the tanks of the Cabinet. The duct is assembled from sheets of foam and has a flat korobchino form. For strength and for decorative purposes it is sheathed with plywood. Cold stream first passes through the air channel, and a vegetable crate, runs it, at the same time penetrating into the lower tier and along the rear wall extending in sections in which shelves have additional holes. Sogretsya the thread goes through the upper duct (with doors], or the vent hole in the kitchen wall. Slit duct from loggia] is covered with a decorative perforated panels, bent made of aluminum of 2 mm thickness or galvanized sheet.
Wall design-pantry makes it easy to combine with other kitchen equipment: for example, in my version the left left a niche under the refrigerator. Free the compatibility is achieved through frame-panel solution.
For the manufacture of wall will need bars 30X60 mm chipboard 20 mm thick or veneered panels. The main frame consisting of front and rear frames. First, going back to wooden tubes in a stack are fastened by screws, one vertical and three horizontal beams; fourth — lower, resistant. Their sizes hung from the chosen scheme: it is only important that the horizontal length correspond to the layer, and the intermediate vertical
do not touch the walls and do not interfere with the cold air. The front frame, two thrust horizontal beams — upper and lower. Vertical vrezalsya in them breaking the four uprights. It is also fastened with three horizontal beams. The connection of all beams, including small -, intermediate — spike .
R and p. 4. The table may be folding
R and S. 4. The table can be folding:
A — closed position B — in the working.

Front frame is fixed under the ceiling with wooden wedges, departing from the rear of the frame to the depth of the wall. Both frames are connected to the intermediate horizontal bars in the upper part of the future of the box and at the bottom of the upper tier.
The inner lining sections has no rear walls for better ventilation. With the same goal in their side reach the wall. They are made of plywood or hardboard thickness 6 mm; it is in two layers and made of shelf, rests the wall. Front panel doors are made of particleboard or are prepared to glue the frame and two sheets ; hang them on the frame better on the piano or fortochnyh hinges.
After the Assembly all the visible plane carefully trimmed by a sandpaper, are puttied and sanded again. Then in several layers with careful drying and intermediate sanding cover nitro or enamel paints in bright colors.
Handles for doors it is better to use metal. If all the doors are opened to one side — stick is better to install in the bottom corner is the same for all doors. When opening to different sides of the handle – adjacent the lower corners. Behind each door is aimed to mount a magnetic latch.

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