As a rule, the bath in our homes or closed with boards or bricks, followed by finishing the tile or under it is a cupboard with sliding doors, in which you can store a variety of things. I decided to decorate a bath in a different way, giving the opportunity to use to store the same things the space under the bath and the side of her.
Shield A and door B and made in the form of wooden frames to which epoxy adhesive is attached layered plastic 1. Further, the shield And connected with screws with double rails 2. Door B by means of screws-3 axis is connected with the rails 2 so that continued movement of the door at the points of connection. Door In on the hinges 4 is attached to the left end of the shield A.
The Cabinet under the bathroom.
Thus, the structure is assembled; now it is left to set under the tub. This is done very simply: a rounded end And a shield at a slight slope overlaps the concave edge of the bath (see side view), and the lower part of the structure with the screws 6 is tightened with the parts 5, previously attached to the floor.

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