WEDGE-DRAWOVALMany of the factors about which way to fall cut down a tree: and it is a natural inclination of the trunk, and the wind direction, and slope of the terrain. Sawyer has to insure the second worker with a long pole rests on the barrel, causing it to fall in the desired direction.

To mechanize this manual operation and to eliminate the risk of injury will allow hydroclean, developed by the Institute of tsniime in collaboration with the Perm machine-building plant named after Dzerzhinsky. Squeezing into the gap of the cut with a sharp beak, hydrokleen-driven petrol-powered saws “Ural-2” or “Friendship-4”, develops a force of up to 5 vehicle, easily enhancing the gap up to 40 mm and thereby getting rid of the stump from cut tree in the desired direction.
Felling hydroclean:
1 — tank with hydrocarbonous fluid, 2 — hose 3 — handle cylinder, 4 — wedge, 5 — outer plate of the wedge.

The use of gidroklina not just increases safety, but also facilitates the work of loggers, promotes the growth of labor productivity in average by 10-15%.

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