AMATEUR SPRAYERI made it for the treatment of plants with pest garden. Gathered from local funds, mostly from the motor from the sewing machine, and gear-type oil pump of the motorcycle “Ural”. Installed them on a common base and joined the long drive shaft. The convenient sprayer that attaches to the wall of any suitable container (bucket, tank, pot) with a clamp and a bolt with a nut.
The reason the panel is solid wood with a thickness of 20-25 mm. its Length depends on the height of the tank. The main condition — the engine must not enter the liquid.
Pump with a mesh filter is attached to the base with a metal bracket, which is against the outlet of the pump directly into the nozzle of the cut copper tubing.
One end of the drive shaft has been cut square for coupling pump, the other connects to the motor shaft through a rubber coupling of a segment of hose (wire clamps). In the middle of the shaft is protected from vibration of the auxiliary bracket.
The sprayer Assembly capacity.
Sprayer Assembly capacity:
1 — tip-atomizer, 2 — cable, 3 — switch, 4 — motor housing 5 — shaft connecting the engine with the pump, 6 — a bucket with a solution of toxic chemicals.
The main parts of the sprayer.
The main parts of the sprayer:
1 — motor, 2 — Board basis, 3 — safety clip, 4 — pump filter 5 — spray pipe, 6 — pump bracket, 7 — drive shaft 8 — clamping bolt 9 — clip 10 — rubber coupling.
The atomizer will fit any household sprayer. It connects with pump pharmacy rubber tube. This design can be installed, as already mentioned, in any capacity — from a can or knapsack reservoir to a small barrel on wheels, i.e. to be mobile. If you use gear pump and centrifugal, then the productivity will increase significantly.
Electrooptically convenient for the plot, in the garden of a country house-electric propulsion.
When included in the network and working with this device should comply with the precautions: mandatory rubber boots and gloves, a reliable cable, a desirable intermediate transformer or hitting the market, the device automatically disconnect from the network.

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