BODYGUARD OF TANKS August 31, 2011 in the main square of Astana held a military parade dedicated to one of the main holidays of Kazakhstan – the Constitution Day. Ceremonial passing of the mechanized column of Land forces had opened a line of armored tank support (BMPT) is this “recent samples of weapons, with a high level of protection, firepower and handling”. The BMPT was adopted by the Kazakh army in the spring of 2011, Just a few cars sent then Astana Russian “Uralvagonzavod”. In 2012 the representatives of “Rosoboronexport” announced the adoption of the following Kazakhstan’s bid for the acquisition of the much larger party. The fact that this country – first, to buy new armored vehicles, has not even adopted by the Ministry of defense of Russia – the country of origin that is a rare case in the practice of any of the armed forces.
The Ural manufacturers are sure that their “products will find a buyer on the world market”, as it has no analogues among the latest developments of military equipment. According to the testimony of military experts, the BMPT is a truly “all-powerful”: it is able to fight with tanks and armored vehicles of the enemy, to repel the attacks of low-flying aircraft and helicopters, to destroy the firing buildings, to hit anti-tank systems and calculations with rocket-propelled grenades. The machine has a highly efficient search capabilities, and target detection, automated fire control system, multi-channel automatic weapons, finally, a comprehensive ballistic protection against enemy fire.
By the end of the 1970s, the Soviet military command in the experience of warfare in conditions of local wars has come to the conclusion about the imperfection of the traditional scheme of actions of tank units in modern combat. Attacking armored vehicles began to meet a massed defense, anti-rich mobile systems and manual means. Oddly enough, but from them the armored vehicles carried in the past local wars major losses. The reason is that crews do not have time to react to suddenly appearing in front of them ATGM or RPG and prevent a real threat, not having rapid-fire weapons, able to quickly shift from one dangerous site to another. Infantry fighting vehicles or armored personnel carriers, although they have similar weapons, but they are not able to act near the tanks, as their booking does not withstand even fire from large-caliber small arms and armored personnel carriers are intended only actions in the same ranks with the Marines.
Therefore, military experts asked the developers to create an armored vehicle capable of supporting battle tanks, providing their cover, destroy tank hazardous manpower of the enemy, taking on thus even some of the functions of the infantry. It should be equipped with rapid-fire weapons, with the ability to quickly shift from one target to another. But it is to accompany tanks into a single formation with them and have a reservation corresponding to their level.
The fighting vehicle of support of tanks
The fighting vehicle of support of tanks “Uralvagonzavod” in the exposition of the International exhibition “Technologies in engineering. 2012”. Zhukovsky, Moscow region, Russia July 2012
Such a fighting machine tank support BMPT called “Terminator” developed at JSC “research and production Corporation “Uralvagonzavod” in Nizhny Tagil. The car was created on the chassis of tank T-72 (“object 199”), and for mass production chose the base of the T-90. The first samples were produced in 2001, several BMPT released in 2006, part of which was supplied to Kazakhstan.
Design work on the new machine began in the mid-1980s the design Bureau of Chelyabinsk tractor plant (CHTZ). Then produced a series of variants differing from each other mainly in the arms. The first version had an index “object 745” with a hull and turret from the T-72AV. On the side of the turret was equipped with two 30-mm gun 2A72 and paired them with a 7.62 mm machine gun (Kalashnikov machine gun tank), with each side placed six unguided anti-tank missiles. Behind the tower put two 12.7-mm machine gun NSVT. The machine is supplied mounted complex dynamic protection “Kontakt-1” and side screens. However, due to the presence of such powerful weapons and the crew were very numerous – up to seven people.
Two other variant – “object 781” and “object 782” – the developers have made on a modified chassis of the T-72B. One of them on the top, put two combat module with a 30-mm automatic cannon, stabilized in two planes, and with a 7.62 mm machine gun. In addition, the case has placed a 40-mm grenade launchers “Balkan”, two directional Autonomous FCT and another one independent of them, PBC and starboard – six launchers with anti-tank guided missile “Konkurs-M”.
In another embodiment, – “object 782” – double armor in the tower was a 100-mm smoothbore gun – launcher 2A70 missiles, income statement, paired with 30-mm gun 2A72 and 40-mm automatic grenade launcher “Balkan” in the body of the machine placed two coaxial module with a 7.62 mm machine gun and the “Balkans”, with the tower, two independent PBC.
The crew on both machines remained the same many – seven people.
However, at this time the activities of CHTZ tank theme, following the instructions above, shall be terminated. Further, the fate of the BMPT will be in the hands of the Ural design Bureau of transport engineering (UKBTM), working directly with the “Uralvagonzavod”. Passing in a Corporation way via a range of options and designs an improved machine support and was in a new “guise” demonstrated military experts in Nizhny Tagil in 2002
BMPT in the front column of the army of Kazakhstan. Parade in honor of Constitution Day. Astana, 31 August 2011.
The BMPT in the front column of the army of Kazakhstan. Parade in honor of Constitution Day. Astana, 31 August 2011.
Now combat unit BMPT was given a set of weapons in a deserted tower on the four-wheel drive armored base. In bulletproof the sponson placed two coaxial 30-mm automatic gun 2A42, paired them with a 7.62 mm machine gun PKTM, on the sides of the tower installed four anti-tank guided missiles 9М120 “Attack-T”, ahead of them on the shelves only – two 30-mm grenade launcher AG-17D.
Due to this saturation weapons, “the Terminator” is able to deal with virtually all enemy targets on the battlefield. So, the tandem supersonic missile complex 9М120 “Attack-T” is designed primarily to defeat tanks and other heavy armored vehicles, long-gun emplacements. It has a semi-automatic guidance system by radio. Her equipment consists of a control located in the instrument compartment of the receiver radio unit and the defendant with a pulse bulb; the launcher can find the finder that the flash lamp and the transmitter of commands in the millimeter wavelength range. Gunner combines on the screen of the display label of the missile and target, aligning if necessary, the line of sight to hit the target.
Rocket – solid-fuel, two-stage, maximum speed to 550 m/s, a launch weight of about 50 kg.
It can be equipped with three variants of the warhead. Tandem shaped-charge can overcome the dynamic protection of the tank and homogeneous armor thickness of 800 mm. high-Explosive (thermobaric) warhead striking an unarmoured target, especially the big destruction happens when blasting in buildings, enclosed spaces, such as long-term facilities. Shrapnel – destroys enemy manpower.
Standard ammunition – two cumulative and two explosive; depending on the conduct of hostilities their relation may vary.
Shooting a rocket may also be conducted by low-flying helicopters.
Cast range missiles – up to 6000 m, flight time to target, to 14.5 p.
BMPT rocket is placed in transport-launch container (TPK), which made her start.
Developer of rocket – Kolomenskoye “KBM”, manufacturers Cove rowski mechanical plant and the Izhevsk machine-building plant.
30-mm 2A42 automatic cannon able to deal with lightly armored targets machines hidden targets and enemy manpower. Sighting range of shooting is 2000 m armor-piercing and up to 4,000 m – high-explosive shells. Fires single shots, and with a small rate – up to 300 RDS./ min or large – up to 500 RDS./min. is Considered that the radius of the solid defeat of one shrapnel shell reach up to 7 m, dispersion at maximum range from each other – no more than 4 m, and a queue of 5 – 10 shells creates the same effect as hitting a 122 mm gun.
1 – grenade launcher AG-17D; 2 – tower EDZ “Relic”; 3 – launch container with a missile 9М120; 4 – the commander’s panoramic sight; 5 – 30-mm 2A42 gun; 6 – combat unit; 7 – antenna radios; 8 – pack grenade launchers GPA; 9 – EDZ “Relic” part of the frontal housing; 10 – tower box ZIP; 11 – screen fenders; 12 – driving wheel; 13 – side screen; 14 track roller; 15 – idler wheel; 16 — the caterpillar with cervical cancer; 17 – feed ZIP; 18 – anti shaped-charge lattice tower; 19 – feed anti-cumulative grating

Power guns – dvuhletie, you can choose shells for firing against certain targets. Guns ammunition – 900 rounds.
Installation of two guns in the car also allowed me to solve the problem of overheating their guns, because the firing is alternately from one, then another gun; simultaneous fire is not possible.
Machine gun PKTM (tank machine gun modernized) affects manpower and soft-skinned vehicles. Sighting range of the gun is 1500 m, a maximum of 3,800 m, the rate of fire is 750 RDS./min. Ammunition is 2000 rounds – curb in a single tape that does not require to recharge it box stores.
Complement armed with two automatic 30-mm grenade launcher AG-17D, located in armored sponsons on the only shelves in the front of the case. Grenade launchers are independent from each other. The fire is separated from each of its gunner manpower and unarmored targets; the attack sector – 28° away from the side. Managing rocket-propelled grenades carried out by remotely using Electromechanical actuators.
Shooting can be carried out along an inclined path to the enemy, ukryta over the hillsides, in ravines, behind any structures. The range of grenade launchers, up to 1400 m. Ammunition – 300 rounds each – like a machine gun stowed in the same tape without reloading.
The tower of the BMPT. On the starboard side - the grenade launcher AG-12D in the sponson to his right - sight PNK-4
The turret of the BMPT. On the starboard side – the grenade launcher AG-12D in the sponson to his right – sight PNK-4 “Agat-Mr” arrow-thrower, the above – sighting system Б07-41 commander
Complex main armament BMPT allows you to conduct a circular firing purposes with the angle of elevation to 45° , which gives the ability to hit high targets. This is especially important when conducting combat operations in mountainous terrain -dominating heights in urban environments.
The armament is stabilized in two planes, which effectively allows you to fire not only from place, but on the go.
Thus, the BMPT can defend and destroy missiles, tanks and low-flying helicopters at a distance of 5000 m; 30-mm cannons is to destroy the helicopters and lightly armored vehicles at distances up to 2500 m, and vehicles, calculations of the RPG – at distances up to 4000 m; machine guns: calculations based RPGs and vehicles at ranges up to 1600 m; grenade launchers take out the enemy’s manpower over 1400 m.
“Terminator” is equipped with modern automated fire control system (FCS) Frame, has great potential for detection of targets at night and in bad weather at ranges up to several kilometers. It consists of a digital ballistic computer, a set of automatic sensors that constantly monitor the conditions of firing, the automatic tracking of the target.
BMPT “the Terminator”:
1 – surveillance device of the driver of TNP-165; 2 – driver’s hatch; 3 – surveillance device arrow rocket launcher PNK-4; 4 – hatch hand-grenade throwers; 5 – sponson grenade launcher with ammunition; 6 – tower; 7 – block observation devices gunner; 8 – panoramic device commander Б07-K1; 9 – Luke gunner; 10 – wind sensor; 11 – sighting system gunner Б07-K2; 12 – compartment ammunition; 13 – sponson auxiliary diesel-generator; 14-armor screen fenders; 15— the top sheet side of the screen; 16 – the bottom sheet side of the screen

The commander has a panoramic surveillance device Б07-K1 with variable scaling, which involves optical and thermal channels, a laser rangefinder; if necessary, you can connect the TV images from the gunner’s sight on his own display. On the perimeter of the commander’s hatch located five periscope observation devices, TNPO-260 that allows the commander to have a sector of 360°.
Gunner has a sighting system Б07-K2, stabilized in two planes, with 4-and 12-fold increase in integrated TV French company “Thales”, a laser rangefinder, a channel missile guidance. Thus, the gunner has the ability to monitor the target and its recognition, further – aiming, firing ammunition and rocket at the place and on the move, day and night and in poor visibility. Built-in hardware tracking on the basis of sight “Sosna-U” allows the gunner to find a target and make a shot, and then the MSA operates according to the known principle of “fire and forget”, meaning that he can immediately shift its attention to other targets. It has also the observation device TNP-165А.
Side arrow launchers are stabilized in the vertical plane day/night sights PNK-4 “Agat-Mr”, the electron-optical Converter with a 7.5-fold increase.
The driver is equipped with a fluorescent device TNPO-168В, night TVN-5 night and head surveillance device PNV-90V-1M.
Thanks to the MSA information management system allows the commander to share intelligence with the crew, as well as with other machines of the unit.
When designing BMPT much attention was given to improving the view of the area (the battlefield) out of the car. So, the commander’s panoramic sight is installed at a height of 3.2 m from the ground (the initial trajectory of the cannon and machine gun armament is at a height of 2.5 m). The high location of the sight and firepower allowed not only to improve the ability to detect as small and trench targets, but to significantly increase the likelihood of their destruction.
One of the features of the “Terminator” is a modern powerful machine protection. On the upper front part of the hull, in front of the tower and on-Board screens with a modular complex integrated dynamic protection (explosive reactive armour) “Relic”. This complex provides protection against chemical energy attack weapons, and against armor-piercing shells. The elements module (EDZ) are placed between the supporting ribs and spars that are installed on the surfaces. Cover elements of thick high-strength steel, inside everyone there is a charge of EXPLOSIVES (he). When you hit them in the missile generates a stream of high-speed fragments, which force, in turn, will immediately detonate the explosive charge, cast out the cover. The influence on the projectile is enough to substantially reduce its bronirovanie opportunities.
BMPT on the firing line is firing with 30-mm cannon 2A42
BMPT on the firing line is firing with 30-mm cannon 2A42
Side shields covering almost the entire suspension from the car with the sides made of reinforced rubber, which is pressed on the elements of the DMZ. However, they do not always provide protection from antitank hand grenades, especially when shooting “normal”. Therefore side hung an additional fabric zig-zag screens, also with EDZ. They can be transported on the machine and mounted on the brackets the power only in the context of the upcoming melee.
Side skirts – double row height and can be removed at a time. This is done to facilitate access to the undercarriage.
The side of the exhaust nozzle, shoulder strap mounts, armored plate aft of the hull and the roof over the engine-transmission compartment from falling grenades RPGs protected anti shaped-charge metal grids.
Nizkoprofilnom tower BMPT also covered the tank’s walls on-track shelves, which rise above the roof.
Additional protection of the machine – the complex opto-electronic warfare, tshu-1 “Blind” with a system of aerosol screen (SDR). It includes the alarm module laser irradiation, which allows the crew to react promptly to emerging threats. Its main element is the four indicator-head detection laser beam: two “rough” and two “thin”. First – determine the fact of the laser radiation in a wide range (more than 90°), the second to determine the exact direction of radiation have been discovered in the sector. At the time of the capture beam activated GPA, automatically fired off an aerosol grenade, the explosion forming a cloud filling the car. It reduces, partially reflects the laser light, thereby disrupting homing or complicating actions of the gunner artillery systems and electronic field observers.
The complex “Blind” is effective within 20 s from the moment of identification of a seizure. Three seconds after that grenade ЗД17 forms at a distance of 50 – 80 m from the machine spray a veil of cloud.
Herself fighting machine tank support has a body borrowed from the T-72/T-90. It is characterized by a low silhouette of less than two meters across the roof of the tower. Compact low profile desert tower made of welded, with a special filler.
Office of management and combat lined with several layers of material “Kevlar” to reduce injury to the crew, as well as units inside the hull, fragments of armor when hit by projectiles in the car.
The chassis has undergone a slight change in the direction of amplification. So, the front support roller got reinforced, the tracks put the slant lugs. In the fuel system cleaned the tank-shelf, previously located in the front of the hull, increased fuel capacity to only shelves, etc. the battery was moved to the sponsons only on the shelves.
Enhanced anti-mine protection of the bottom of the machine due to the strengthening of pillerton.
BMPT is equipped with the engine V-92 S2 from T-90 tanks. This is the latest multi-fuel diesel Chelyabinsk tractor factory 12-cylinder four-stroke liquid-cooled with gas turbine supercharging. Capacity of 1,000 HP, the power density is about 0.98 HP/kg, specific fuel consumption – 156 g/HP-HR; engine weight – 1020 kg.
Thanks to this engine machine weight 48 t develops a maximum road speed of about 60 km/h and has a cruising range (with the rear fuel barrels) not less than 550 km.
“Terminator” is equipped with equipment topographic location and navigation, combined with global satellite navigation system NAVSTAR/GLONASS. It includes control panel, computer unit, satellite dish. Current location coordinates of the BMPT are determined with accuracy up to 25 m and are listed on the map traversed by car the route is stored in a computer memory.
The machine is equipped with fast-acting fire protection system and filter-ventilation system, forcing the previously cleaned outside air into the case. During emergency situations it is possible to create inside the machine pressure.
BMPT crew: the driver, two side hand-grenade throwers, and the commander of the machine - on the starboard side, gunner - to the left of it
The BMPT crew: the driver, two side hand-grenade throwers, and the commander of the machine – on the starboard side, gunner – to the left of it
If necessary, overcoming minefields on the machine can be hung on the track cutter trawls, type KMT-6M2 or a roller knife mine sweeper KMT-7.
The BMPT crew consists of five people: commander, driver, gunner, two side arrow grenade launchers.
Created by Uralvagonzavod, the BMPT is a new weapons -multi-purpose heavy tracked fighting vehicle fire support with powerful weaponry, perfect fire control system with high maneuverability. Note that this original machine has not yet even in its class and is not included in the nomenclature of the weapons defined in the Treaty on conventional armed forces in Europe (CFE). Because the BMPT is not a “battle tank” since it has a tank gun, but not “armoured vehicle”, because it has a landing Bay. And therefore is not included in the limitations of our armored vehicles provided by the Contract.
At a meeting held in August 2012 in Sverdlovsk, the VII International exhibition of technical means “defense and protection”, held on range “Staratel”, many foreign military experts expressed their interest in such a machine, including of the leading countries of Europe and Asia. Present at the exhibition, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said: “Fighting vehicle “Terminator” is very good and quite maneuverable, which is why many foreign delegations come to admire the woman,” and added: “…a great car with amazing power, in promoting of which I will take personal involvement.”
In June 2012, finally took place on the first European and global representation of the BMPT at the XI International exhibition of arms and military equipment Eurosatory-2012 in Paris. In September of the same year the car was shown at the International exhibition Africa Aerospace & Defence 2012 in South Africa.
“The terminator” comes out from behind the Ural mountains to the international arena.
Weight, kg…………………………….48 000
Length, mm……………………………..7190
Width, mm…………………………..3800
Height to turret roof, mm…. 1940
The height of the panoramic commander’s sight, mm………………………3440
Ground clearance, mm……………………………490
Armament: two 30 mm automatic guns 2A42, ATGM four 9М120-1 “Attack-T”, 7.62 mm machine gun PKTM, two 30mm automatic grenade launcher AG-17D.
The turret guns, deg: in horizontal plane – circular; in the vertical plane – from – 5 to +45.
The turret grenade launchers, deg: in horizontal plane – from – 5 to +28; in the vertical plane -from – 5 to +20.
Ammunition: 30-mm shells – 900, guided missiles – 4 rounds 7.62 mm – 2000, shots grenade – 600.
Armor: rolled steel and cast composite armor, multi-layered “Kevlar” dynamic protection “Relic”.
Engine: diesel IN-92С2, multi-fuel 12-cylinder four-stroke liquid cooling capacity of 1000 HP
Specific power, HP/kg…….0,98
Specific fuel consumption, g/HP-h…………….156
Maximum speed, km on the highway……………….60
Reserve, km………….with feed barrels 550
Specific ground pressure, kg/cm2……………………….0,98
Overcoming obstacles: wall height 0.85 in, width of the ditch and 2.8, fording depth – 1.2 m, the maximum lifting angle, deg. – 30.
Navigation equipment……………….NAVSTAR/GLONASS


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