HELPER IN PORTAGEHigh summer in the polar Urals. Together with the chief of the survey party we were returning from the upper reaches of the river Secure. Breaking the latest on the slope Qurum, saw an unusual procession: animal-hunting trail that winds its way literally along each river, even in the taiga areas, slowly moving tanned guys, pushing a loaded cart. And although they were on a narrow “quilted” and jumped up and down on the protruding roots, the group easily went ahead. Truck, rather narrow and rather short, well passed among the bushes and young growth, fitting into the “dimensions” of the trail. “Wouldn’t it be easier to fit everything into a backpack, than to drag with itself still tapezco?” — we asked. The answer was unexpected: “Superfluous here — just the wheels, the rest belongs to boats: they are taking themselves”. Indeed, after a careful consideration of all elements are parts of a Dinghy. Even the handles were bars of the bulwarks.
By the truck lovers of water tourism introduces its Creator, Vladimir FILIPPOV.
The main condition which I have tried to follow in the construction of trucks for transporting Dinghy “MEVA”, was mandatory in its construction of parts from the boat. Except the wheels: they are known, the set of the ship are not included. Moreover, it was necessary to focus on those nodes, the use of which has not weakened the body, not turned it into a self-folding. They were Slane and bulwarks. However, first I had to modify that, by the way, went only benefit: the staff was clearly narrowish.
Fig. 1. Truck
Fig. 1. Truck:
1 — cargo, 2 — frame, 3 — wheel, 4 — plug, 5, 8 — M6 bolts. 6 — handle of the bulwarks, 7 — M8 bolt (wheel axle).

In the new version Slane represent two slatted grille, but one rectangular 430×880 mm, and the other in the form of a trapezoid with bases 800 and 880 mm.
Slani used as a loading platform and the bogie frame, and the bulwarks were her hands. Add had small mounting parts, whose manufacture is easy.
R and p. 2. Loading platform
R and S. 2. A cargo platform:
1 — longitudinal strength beams (2 PCs.), 2 — ledge of the rail. 3 — rail flooring. 4 — constipation-spinner. 5 — bolt holes to mount handles.

Platform is a pair of longitudinal bearing bars the size of 10х10х889 mm oak beech PLI. On top they laid the cross rails flooring — 10x40x439 mm. At the bars there are special protrusions with a length of 310 mm. This size is specified by the location of the keel of the Dinghy: projections, coming in between them, fix the platform on the bottom of the cockpit, when used in its basic purpose.
The frame consists of beams and battens of the same section. The bottom of the fork-type Bicycle wheel set — “quilted” from a child’s Bicycle. Cheeks forks are mounted to the frame in different ways: external — tightly on glue and screws, internal — folding hinges, but in the position plus are attracted to the bars by nuts lambs. This is because during the packaging of the dismantled truck in a bale wheels are rotated and pressed against the platform, top cover frame and bolted the axles of the wheels — formed flat bale with a height of about 100 mm.
R and p. 3. Bogie frame
R and S. 3. Bogie frame:
1 — longitudinal strength beams (2 PCs.), 2— Reika flooring 3 — guide rail. 4 — nut-lamb 5— boss. 6 — piano loop. 7 — rivet d 4 mm 8 — area, 9 — plugs 10 —outer cheek. 11 — inner cheek.

Material forks — a strip of aluminum 3X24X70 mm. Angles are also duralumin, the size of the workpiece mm. 3x20x59 Loop it is better to take piano, length — 70 mm. Cheeks — wood, 10X50X360 mm.
Assembly of the cart simple. First the wheels from the stowed position in combat: the inner cheeks of the forks at the same fixed caps on the bars of the frame, then bolted the axles ø 8 mm to put wheels. As handles the bulwarks are attached to the platform and bolted the platform is placed so that its ledges have entered into a frame for their way to the bars last internal frame width is limited to 310 mm with lugs size 25x30x50 mm. And the last turns constipation-spinner fixing put in place the platform.
R and p. 4. Packing wheels
R and S. 4. Packing wheels:
1 — a cargo platform. 2 — the frame of the truck. 3 — wheel, 4— bolt В48 (wheel axle).

The cart of this design operated trouble-free for eight years. She dorocha helped in the long Volohov. So that extra weight is just 4 kg, which was added to 72 g of the boat, I think a reasonable fee for a very tangible comfort. By the way, so you can carry the Dinghy not only in packing, but entirely unsorted. In the first case it will be the three of bale. All of them can be directly loaded on the truck. And although it seems that “scientists” are the weak link of the design, however I have not once had to carry folding bench 120 kg for a distance of 3-5 km.
If you need to transport a boat without distinction, it is possible to arrive easier: to collect the trolley without handles of the bulwarks, to strengthen “Mevo” stronger ropes, passing them underneath in the area svetovogo the well, and push, holding the transom or filled up the mast. To skin when moving were worn on the platform, lay between them, something soft, for example, a sleeping bag.

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