VELOTRADE FOR SURFERSurfers are very convenient to carry pas the roof of the car, strengthening on the trunk. What about to those who have not got such a vehicle and has so far only bike. We propose to use a simple truck-trailer. For its production you will need two Bicycle wheels, a metal strip 5X30 mm and rods with thread for lodgements.
The truck is like a buggy and has a saddle device, which is attached to the trunk of the bike. Its frame is… the building surfers, and sortovye wells and holes for mounting the fins are used to connect with pins of all the parts of the structure. The base is assembled from locating blocks on the rivets or bolts: required parameters are specified in accordance with the cross section of the sailing boards in the area of the centerboard, and a nest for laying of masts are doing in their diameters. The curve of the saddle cradles the device depends on the size of the buildings at the site of replenie fin, and the distance between them is the width of the Luggage carrier of a Bicycle.
Bicycle cart for two surfers
Bicycle cart for two surfers:
1 — mast, 2 — the case of the surfer, 3 — STC 4 — the cradle of the base teleskin, 5 — bed fifth wheel, 6 — trunk of the bike (rearranged above), 7, 11 — M6 studs, 8 nuts M6, 9 — a Bicycle wheel, 10 — rubber shock absorbers 12 .— nut M6 13 — clip (metal rod d 6 mm).

A collection of surfers and their fixation is performed as follows: first placed on the cradle truck housing bottom to each other, and then the mast into the socket so that the ends are a little hung back. Passed through sortovye wells stud and tighten nuts-lambs. Another stud through the mounting holes of the fins — the tightening together of the housing-frame and the saddle device. Impose the latter on the trunk, and connect the brackets.
Contact with moving parts of the glued rubber gaskets or put the dampers. It is especially necessary to ensure the safety of the carbonated surfaces of the buildings of surfers.
The trolley can carry two sets of sailing boards.
Yu 30Т03, N. ШЕРШАК0В

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