ASSISTANT GROWERThe naturalists and the growers, this set is for you! If before you were with him in the greenhouse a whole bunch of different instruments, but now they are all unified and United in a package that will fit in one hand. Each of the tools can be selected from the expanded fan package and used independently from the rest. What is included in it?

This mini rake, which is good to loosen the ground when planting flowers and remove large weed particles. On the inner surface of the tool made the castle ledge under him come the end of the other guns, when the set complex.
Even have a spatula to pereopisanie earth boxes, pots, beds. It comes under the locking ledge of the rake and “closes” the solder.
Between them lies the sickle, knife and tweezers. The sickle, or rather paddle with Crescent-shaped cutout designed for weeding and thinning plants, trimming off the excess roots and shoots.
Behind the hammer follows the knife with a blunt end and the blade back curvature that keeps on the edge of the cut away branches or shoots. The knife is also useful when transplanting flowers.
Further, the tweezers. In the kit it may seem unnecessary, but this tool is indispensable for the release of plants from pests, diseased and dry leaves, and also at carrying out of breeding work.
All items are located on an axis fixed in the awl. They make indentations when planting flowers, cleaning the roots and stems, sowing seeds.
Any of these assistants lead grower in the working position, removing it from the fan to the side until the ledge of the ka tool will not reach all the way, available on the awl.
Assistant grower
Assistant florist:
1 — rake, 2 — knife, 3 — hammer, 4 — tweezers 5 — blade, 6 — awl, 7 — axis, 8 — stop, 9 — castle ledge.

All the items of a set, in addition to sewing, have a unified ending. Its manufacturing technology next. On strips of stainless steel coated circuits tools, chisel cut workpiece with an allowance of 1-2 mm and drill holes in them for the a-axis of the rivet.
The workpiece is bonded to the package with the bolt, passed through the holes, clamp in a Vice and cut down the seam allowance to the markup file. Working parts modify individually. Smooth out burrs with fine sandpaper.
The hammer and knife sharpen only the cutting edges of the other blanks still bend as illustrated. Harder to do with a rake and tweezers: the rake kogotkom the punch form a locking protrusion, and the halves of the tweezers — flat and curved — connect together by riveting or spot welding.
When all the tools are ready, they are collected in the package. As the axis-rivet use the tube and flare it on both sides of the ball or punch. Then check how the fan: how well do the tools go under the castle ledge, not too tight, they rotate on an axis, not cling to each other.
Through the axis of the rivet, you can skip the lace and wear the set on the wrist to work, he was always at hand.
M. LAZOV, Cherkassy

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