CORN FROM... WASHING MACHINEOld, seemingly obsolete washing machine— a treasure for zealous owner who loves to make things with their hands. Available it be convenient stainless capacity, small motor AVE-071-4CM (220 V, 180 W, 1350 rpm), ballasts, enough compact body and lots of parts that still can be use. For example, for the solution of many problems of mechanization from the processing of gifts to the garden for fruit juices and vitamin-nutrient mixture to miracle mills with high productivity. Propaganda is the most interesting of these developments, and a lot of attention and my favorite is “modelist-Konstruktor” (see № 12’92, 8’99, 5’2001).

To the existing means of mechanization of its offer, the essence of which expresses the formula: old washing machine + principle of grinder = a mill.


For manufacturing this crusher does not need any lathe, no welding. Enough to have a washing machine (any type SMR-1,5, including with a square base), another motor, drill, drill diameters from 3 to 16 mm, hammer, chisel, locksmith keys under the hex head bolts and nuts M4, M6, M8, consumables. The latter include two steel plates with dimensions 3200x50x1,5 and 420x50x1,5 mm. which can be cut, for example, from the canvases of the old two-handed saw, cut the metal bracket 30×30 mm, three rotary bolts M8 with nuts horses, three three-liter cans of paint or of varnish parquet, three locks of the type “frog” with wooden crates of various kinds of equipment. Screws, bolts, nuts and other fastener elements from the same washing machine.

To give specific dimensions and detailed sketches mating with each other node details, draw a curved scan of interchangeable sieves, sediment and unloading funnels, lids and removable base here, it seems unnecessary. First, because the proposed designs are all so very clearly. Secondly, as a basis for the production of the crusher may be any of the many old washing machines, and each of them has its own specifics. Thirdly, the possibility of tinkerers with their own hands purely different.




1 — support with a rubber “boot”; 2 — body; 3 — motor (2 PCs); 4 — a sealing gasket (2 PCs.); 5,6 — knives-shears; 7 — bushing-flange (standard 60mm pulley with key and deadbolt screw, 2 sets.); 8 — removable base; 9 — resistant bracket with swivel bolt and nut-lamb (3 set); 10 — cover with the filling funnel; 11 — the lock type “frog” (3). 12 — replacement sieve; 13 — the output of crushed grains; 14 — rubber wheel (2 PCs.);
the regular battery of the phase-shifting capacitors, and other elements of the motor control is not shown

I am sure that the most important thing for a true homebrew — the idea, the overall design of the structure.

Now, note only main. Design and principle of operation of the crusher, is really similar to that of the electric coffee grinder. The grain is destroyed, the S-shaped knives rotating at high speed. It intense crushing at the walls, where the raw material is thrown by centrifugal force. Izmelchennost fraction is determined by the diameter of cells (number) sieve, and performance — sharpness of knives, their size and speed.

Each knife is tightly screwed to its mounted on a shaft of the corresponding motor, the sleeve, which fit a regular 60 mm pulley base washer. Mount both flange.

The first engine bolted to the bottom of the tank, where before there was a host of the activator, and the second removable base clothed in tin pleternica (3-litre jar from-under paints or varnish). The shafts of the motors rotate in opposite directions under the angle of 20-25° to each other, which provides a greater output of milled wheat (barley, corn and other raw materials). As shown, a pair of knife, revolving in different planes and in different directions, destroys the grain well and quickly. The expense of the finished product — not weight loss, but on the buckets!

A. FROLOV, G. T Timashevsk, Krasnodar Krai

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