CUT FRUITS AND ROOTSA rural resident with a large garden and cattle, will love shredder, made by a craftsman from the village of Bornukovo Nizhny Novgorod region Yevgeny Kulikov. With its help in the harvest of apples years, processed fruit juices and wine, and daily life facilitated the process of preparation of feed for domestic animals in those places hold a lot.

Assembly is simple, and make it at home, and especially in the rustic Studio, is quite simple. It consists of a welded cylindrical tank, mounted on three legs-pillars made of steel pipes with thrust. On top of the tank closes the cover flap and the bottom of the cut window for output of the finished product. To the bottom the bottom is welded vertical gussets reinforced plate to which the bolts are attached three-phase motor power 1.1 kW. The engine is connected to the mains via a single-phase circuit.

On the motor shaft, passed through a hole in the bottom of the tank, there is mounted a faceplate to which four screws attached to the cutting blade. He is cut from steel sheet of thickness 2 mm. In it with diametrically opposite sides of the slot size 110×20 mm. Their edges against rotation, bent and sharpened to form cutting edges. To the lower surface of the disc riveted two rubber scraper, designed to supply the already cut slices of root vegetables in the outlet pipe.

1 —tank (STZ, sheet s); 2 — cover (STZ, sheet s2); 3 — bearing (STZ, pipe 25×2,5, 3). 4 — motor three-phase (1.1 kW. 1470 Rev/min); 5 — plate engine mounts (STZ, the sheet s10); 6 — electroceramica; 7 — strip reinforcement (STZ, strip 25×3); 8 — the button of switching on and off of the engine; 9 — the outlet nozzle of the finished weight (STZ, sheet s); 10 — solitaire mounting bracket of the engine (STZ, sheet AM5, 2); 11 — bearing (STZ, sheet z, 3). 12 — solitaire supports (STZ, sheet z, 3). 13 —control lamp; 14—disk regusci (45 steel, sheet s2); 15 — faceplate; 16 — pad (rubber, sheet s4, 2); 17 — jumper bandage (STZ, sheet s2, 2); 18 — a bolt M5 (8 PCs); 19 — scraper (STZ, area 25×25); 20 — rivet (STZ, Ø5, 8); 21 — the headstock cover.

In the receiving tank is placed 8 — 10 kg of apples or potatoes, which are processed in the shredder for about one minute.
Of course, for the purity of the product it would be better to make a shredder from stainless steel and plastic, but these materials in the village difficult. Therefore, the inner and outer surface of the tank carefully painted, and the condition of the coating closely.

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