DRILL-MOWEREach grower along with the purchase the fixtures there are always homemade. Particularly handy, productive, prikladnye which will not get in any store. You too can add to your Arsenal of tools. Simple but effective tools gardeners that can be done in a few evenings, we offer in this issue.


The possibility of the drill as a universal drive for many household tools and devices truly inexhaustible. Recently, we published the circuit of an electric mower with the moving of the reciprocating knives. Today we offer another mower with the same drive, but now with a rotating knife. The unit design is simple, to make it possible even in a home workshop, replacing the turned parts of the curved sheet and welding — bolts.
Structurally, the mower is a four-wheeled truck; a vertically mounted Piccoli ka her drills to simulate the impeller-blade. Turn on the engine — and acutely-sharpened propeller cuts the grass, leaving the spine height should not exceed two or three inches.
The Dolly base (platform! is duralumin (thickness 5 mm) or plywood (thickness 15 mm| plate with cutouts for the wheels and provernutye the front and rear axles. The diameters of the axes should correspond to the holes in the wheels from the pram or tricycle.
On the axis of symmetry of the platform is cut a round hole in the cone drills. The tool is fixed on the platform by the clamp body is machined on a lathe from steel and clamping lugs welded thereto. For the same size you can make a clamp from steel sheet of thickness 2 mm.
Rotary lawn mower and its wiring
Rotary lawn mower and its wiring.
The mower is cut from a steel strip 1.5 mm thick. One of its sides sharpened at an angle of 30°, and the other bent, as shown in the figure. For docking the skin with a drill you will need a flange and washer, they can carve on a lathe. Connect the knife flange and washer M6 screws with countersunk head. After Assembly the screws raskryvayutsya. You can do without turning, holding the knife in the stud between two nuts and washers.
The handle of the mower is welded from steel tubes Ø 20-22 mm steel plate with dimensions mm. 10X30X90 Between the pipe handle and the pipe-rod welded steel box — there are the electrical connector and rocker switch on the motor. Rod is fixed on the platform through the sector: this design allows you to change its angle relative to the platform.
Rotary mower device and its main parts
Device rotary mower and its main parts:
1 — arm, 2 — drill, 3 — clamp, 4 — platform, 5 — flange, 6 — knife, 7 — washer, 8 — fencing knife, 9 — wheel 10 — adjusting sector.

And the last thing you need to do is set the fence of the knife. It bends from steel or dural strip and secured on the platform with a few steel parts and the five millimeter bolts with nuts.
After pre-Assembly and testing of the mower Assembly is disassembled, painted and going again. It mounts a connector, toggle switch, on the cross member of the lever pulls the arm from a Bicycle wheel and the mower you can go on the lawn. When mowing carefully ensure that wiring does not come under the knife.

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