DRUM CLEANINGWe named our potato secobarbitol for two main working bodies. It is designed for tuber CA educational experienced and backyards, orchards. Therefore, as the actuator used is an electric motor, although the car, of course, possible to set m to the internal combustion engine of suitable power.

It should be noted that self-propelled potato was not in itself, but thanks to the installation of its self-propelled chassis, which we have developed as universal, applicable to other equipment.
The principal part of the diggers — pruning knife (blade horizontal), screw conveyor, mesh drum; a self-propelled chassis consists of frame, motor, gears, transmission and clinging, tracked chassis.
Frame chassis used metal pipes and corners. On it are mounted the main bodies of the diggers, the electric motor and the rack tracks.
Scheme a self-propelled potato digger
The scheme is self-propelled potato digger:
1 — knife (demekh), 2 — crawler, 3 — strut, 4 — bearing, 5 — auger, 6 — stretch ice skating rink, 7 truck, 8 — lead rink with an asterisk, 9 — lattice reel, 10 — frame, 11 — pen 12 — intermediate chain transmission, the 13 — chain transmission to the caterpillar, 14 — reducer, 15 — motor, – 6, 17 — axis. 18 — drum shaft, 19 — chain transmission to the drum, 20 — reducer, 21 — under engine frame.

For the manufacture of suspension applied aluminum rollers from terebecki of lnokombinat. They are put caterpillars collected from the chain of loaders and self-made metal tracks, the shape of which eliminates sticking of the soil.
The potato is controlled by handles attached to the frame. Between them is the chain drive resulting in rotation of the auger diggers.

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